The Three Tenors 98 – tape 2799

Well, here’s a tape with just one thing on it. It’s the Three Tenors concert from the 1998 World Cup, shown live on the afternoon before the match, in Paris.

Just so we don’t frighten off the normals, the concert is introduced by Desmond Lynam, and the voiceover too has obviously been told to make it football friendly, with comments like “An aria from Italy, the first great footballing nation to be represented in song today.”

The concert is conducted by James Levine of the New York Met – the Opera House, not the baseball team. (I had to google whether the Mets were baseball or not.)

And the three tenors, in case you’ve never seen them, are Jose Carreras

Placido Domingo

and Luciano Pavarotti.

I’ll just note that the ‘make it football friendly’ edict didn’t extend to subtitling the songs. Or perhaps subtitles would have frightened off the facepainted punters.

There’s an interval, during which they waste little time talking about music – it’s all about the football.

When the encores start, the oleaginous commentator keeps saying “I’m sure we know what’s coming next” and “There’s only one way to end this concert of the century” which I presume means we should expect an encore of Nessun Dorma, but they keep doing loads of other songs as encores. I wonder if he’s not got a list of what the encores will be? And in fact, it never comes.

So it’s down to Des Lynam to remind us that there’s a football match on later, and some fireworks finish off the show.

Odd credit: Logo of the 3 Tenors licensed by Irish Intellectual Property Services Ltd. Except they manage to misspell ‘Intellectual’.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th July 1998 – 16:35

The tape ends brutally, seconds after the concert ends.


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