Cybill – Father Ted – Roseanne – The Mark Thomas Comedy Product – TFI Friday – tape 2133

A selection of shows from Channel 4 on Friday nights.

First, the first episode of Cybill. Cybill picks up Tim Matheson on the freeway.

She also learns that her older daughter is having a baby.

There’s a cameo from Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers at the end.

In the next episode, How Can I Call You My Ex-Husbands If You Won’t Go Away? there’s a nice Moonlighting reunion, as Curtis Armstrong and Jack Blessing play two producers casting a role.

She’s wondering whether she should do a nude scene. I’m very unsure about a show that’s supposed to be about women, especially older women, spending such a lot of time having her ex husband reassuring her about the varied qualities of her breasts.

There’s a cameo by George Hamilton. Edit: Not George Hamilton IV who was, I am reminded, a country singer, but whom I had totally forgotten, and whose IV had attached itself to the otherwise unnumbered actor.

And by Erik Estrada

Before the next episode there’s a nice trailer for the new series of Father Ted

The next episode is Death and Execs. Cybill is rather upset when she just misses being killed by a falling light. Then she starts to rekindle her relationship with ex husband Ira.

Next, it’s an episode of Father Ted. It’s Hell, and Ted can’t remember why July 19th is an important date. It’s their holiday, which they spend in a miserable caravan.

It has the famous Small or Far Away scene.

Graham Norton appears as Father Noel.


Next, an episode of Roseanne.

Roseanne gets tickets to a band which Dan used to play with, and Dan gets upset about losing his musical dreams. So Roseanne goes to see the lead of the band, John Popper, to tell him how bad Dan is feeling.

So he gets Dan onstage to perform a number.

After this, an episode of The Mark Thomas Comedy Product which I realised I have been calling The Mark Thomas Comedy Project every time it’s listed in my database.

I don’t like the way the standup is shot. The close-up camera is doing that shaky cam thing that was so popular in the 90s (another reason I can’t watch NYPD Blue) and it’s so artless.

He goes to the Conservative Conference, and gets to talk briefly to Malcolm Rifkind. Talking of artless, look at that caption.

He meets Arthur Scargill, who patronises him enormously. We don’t get to see what leads up to this response from Scargill, so it’s hard to tell why Scargill would take against him, given that, as Thomas admits to him, he was quite a big fan of Scargill.

He also meets John Prescott

And Donald Dewar

There’s a strange encounter with a former MP of the area, who tells Thomas, in quite a conspiratorial tone, that he only watches Channel 4 for “the sex programmes late at night”.

After this, recording continues with the start of The Girlie Show. Then, shortly into that, recording switches to an episode of TFI Friday.

There’s an introduction from Hughie Green.

Music from Edwyn Collins

Betty Boo has a brief appearance because she was 26 last Wednesday.

Pete Townshend

Menswear play a song

After the break, there’s the baffling sight of a Bob Geldof lookalike building a fireplace with bricks thrown through his window.

Pop pirate Gabrielle sings a song.

More from At Home with Chris and Cher.

Sportsball pundits Andy Gray and Martin Tyler.

There’s another of their one minute debates, this time on the question ‘Are push up bras a good idea?’ Oh dear.

Music from Honeycrack

Eva Herzegova, famous only, it would seem, for wearing a bra in an advert. This is a painfully leery interview.

And Edwyn Collins plays the show out. The tape ends just after this episode.


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  • Anchor Mature Cheddars
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  • Tampax
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  • VW Golf
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  • Partners against Crime
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  • Land Rover Discovery
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  • Murphy’s
  • Citroen Xantia
  • Muller Fruit Corner
  • Cover Girl
  • trail: And The Beat Goes On
  • trail: The Girlie Show
  • Guinness
  • Lemon Tango
  • Ambient Moods
  • Saab
  • Sting – Mercury Falling
  • Johnson’s pH 5.5
  • trail: Honeymoon in Vegas
  • Oil of Ulay
  • Ferrero Rocher – Why Ambassador…
  • Mini Babybel
  • VW Golf
  • Mountain Dew
  • No7
  • trail: The Cheltenham Festival
  • trail: Blue Light Zone
  • Guinness
  • Best Swing 96 vol 2
  • Cadbury’s Dairy Milk – Dexter Fletcher
  • Bird’s Eye Panflair
  • Rover
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  • Strepsils
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  • Kit Kat
  • Walker’s Tazos
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  • trail: And The Beat Goes On
  • trail: Blue Light Zone
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  • Gordon’s & Tonic
  • Walker’s Tazos
  • Peugeot 406
  • trail: Forbidden Planet
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  • Renault Clio
  • Specsavers
  • Sensodyne
  • Harvester
  • Shine Four
  • Stella Artois
  • Shine Four
  • Organics
  • Citroen Xantia
  • Mike and the Mechanics – Hits
  • trail: Blue Light Zone
  • Cher – It’s a Man’s World
  • Coca Cola
  • Halls Soothers
  • NHS Lotto
  • Eternal – Power of a Woman
  • Wrangler
  • McDonalds


    1. In my defence, the man in the picture is exactly who I thought he was. My stupidity lies in forgetting that the country singer ever existed, and giving the IV to the actor.

  1. “Tremendous smell of vegetables for some reason!”

    That’s the episode of TFI I mentioned the other week where Edwyn Collins was personally invited on by Evans to perform Keep On Burning after Evans was so disappointed with its chart position, not that it helped much. For some reason at the time I had acquired a particular liking for Honeycrack, despite their rather bog-standard pop punk, and I remember the B-side of their next singe was that TFI performance. Willie Dowling, the main man, now does loads of music for TV and film and I’m always pleased when I see his name in end credits.

    Surely Martin Tyler is the least famous guest in the history of TFI, fine commentator though he is. Not sure much of the audience even knew who he was.

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