The Outer Limits – Boyz n The Hood – tape 2028

Sometimes I worry that I might have messed up with the digitising of a particular tape. This one is a case in point. It ends abruptly, in the middle of the second item listed, Boyz n the Hood, so I don’t know why I have that listed in my database.

I can only assume that the recording was interrupted, or I programmed the wrong time, and I’d never checked it to see if it had recorded.

But there’s still an episode of The Outer Limits to watch. It’s called Sandkings. It’s based on a novella by George R R Martin.

Beau Bridges is some kind of scientists, working with dangerous organisms, creatures he created that can survive on Mars. One gets loose, and he thinks he’s the only person who can stop it, despite all his coworkers trying to stop him. He’s horrified when they incinerate it.

Lloyd Bridges plays his father. He’s always been second best to his father, something which drives him.

When his project is shut down, he takes his samples home with him. Things don’t go well. The ‘Sandkings’ can build structures, and when one of them bites him, they build something rather more sinister.

It all gets a bit Arachnophobia at the end, but doesn’t really have that film’s heart. This is very by the numbers.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th May 1995 – 21:00

There’s a trailer for the Friday Night Comedy Zone, and for The Absence of War, a trailer which starts “Years of Tory Government. A surprise general election. John Thaw is the Labour Leader facing his only chance of power.” I looked at this programme a while ago, but this trailer came up today, June 8th as I write, while we’re waiting for the polls to close, and for the inevitable Tory landslide. Edit to add: I guess my pessimism over the state of politics wasn’t entirely warranted, as evidenced by this tweet from Britain Elects, a polling tracker, just after the first exit poll was published.

Enough of the politics, though, and back to 1995.

Then, the start of the aforementioned Boyz n The Hood. The recording ends before the film finishes. It’s a short tape today, I’m afraid.


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