Buffy The Vampire Slayer – tape 2470

Back to BBC2 for these Buffy Episodes, this time from Season 2. They’re from the late night repeats as well, so likely to be less cut than the 6pm showings that the BBC decided were totally appropriate for Buffy.

First is The Dark Age. A man dies trying to reach Giles, and when he’s asked to identify him, he recognises him as a friend from his past.

He tries to contact other people he knew at the same time, but finds them dead too.

Next on the list is Ethan Rayne, last seen selling haunted costumes at Halloween. He’s also back in town, but not dead yet.

Something evil is stalking Giles and Rayne, something which can reanimate dead men. And when Buffy defeats the zombie, it looks like it might have passed into Jenny Calendar.

She’s not looking good when she goes full demon.

But the gang fool the demon by tricking it to jump into Angel, causing an internal crisis.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th November 1999 – 22:40

Next it’s a two parter, with What’s My Line part 1. The gang have to fill in Vocational Aptitude Tests, which Buffy feels is moot, due to the whole destiny thing.

Meanwhile, Spike and Drusilla are working on something. He’s trying to decode a manuscript to cure Drusilla, but Buffy keeps getting in the way, so he summons some big demons to kill her.

At the Employer’s Fair, Willow is selected to interview with the world’s largest software company. The only other candidate is Oz.

The bad people brought in by Spike start to arrive including this guy. Even Buffy wasn’t immune to the 90s trend for long haired buff guys.

Another is a creepy salesman.

A third arrival, hiding out in an airplane hold, is better looking.

The salesman is a bit buggy

The young girl from the airport attacks Angel after seeing him and Buffy kiss at an ice rink. She locks him in a room to wait for sunrise, then goes after Buffy, and when they fight she introduces herself as Kendra the Vampire Slayer.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 22nd November 1999 – 00:25

Before the next episode there’s a trailer for Robot Wars.

Next it’s What’s My Line part 2. Kendra has been sent to Sunnydale by her watcher. Cordelia and Xander are trapped in Buffy’s house by the buggy salesman, and end up kissing in the basement. And Buffy is attacked by another assassin posing as a police officer. Poor old Jonathan gets threatened again.

For the ritual to cure Drusilla, Spike needs Angel, so he’s in jeopardy. Cue a big fight, and the threat is resolved.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 5th December 1999 – 23:50

The next episode starts a bit abruptly – I was obviously a bit late getting the VCR set up.

This one is Ted and is another story about bad parents. I’m glad Joyce is more often a helpful parent in this, as young adult fiction does tend to sideline positive parenting as it gets in the way of the narrative.

Buffy’s mother Joyce has a boyfriend, Ted, played by John Ritter (Hooperman). He’s a software salesmen, so Willow likes him, and he makes awesome pizza, so Xander likes him. But naturally, Buffy is suspicious.

He certainly has a darker side, revealed when Buffy cheats at miniature golf, and he threatens her. But to her mother he’s all sweetness and light.

Then, when she comes home after a patrol, he’s in her room, and threatens to tell Joyce about her diary, which talks all about her Slayer duties. They argue, and he hits her, so she feels able to hit back. But it escalates, and she knocks him down the stairs.


Everyone is shocked, and trying to rationalise what happened. Surely there’s something wrong about Ted that justified Buffy’s action. Willow finds some suspicious chemicals Ted’s cookies, and Cordy finds old marriage records.

But the biggest clue is when Ted turns up, not dead. And the gang find his flat, complete with the dead bodies of his four previous wives. And when Buffy finally takes him out, we learn he’s not wired that way.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 12th December 1999 – 23:10

Before the last episode there’s a trailer for The League of Gentlemen.

Finally, there’s Surprise. Buffy is dreaming.

As well as Willow and the monkey, and her mother asking her if she’s ready, she also sees Drusilla killing Angel, then wishing her a happy birthday. What can it all mean?

Spike and Drusilla are still alive, although Spike is in a wheelchair. They’re planning for a party.

So are the rest of the gang, planning for Buffy’s surprise birthday party.

Jenny Calendar gets a visit from her Uncle, Vincent Schiavelli.

We learn that she’s there to watch Angel, and ensure that his curse remains intact. They worry that if he gets a moment of pure happiness, the curse will break.

On her way to her surprise party, Buffy catches some vamps, and deals with them. They were transporting a piece of an ancient evil being, The Judge, who can’t be killed, and if all his pieces are brought together it’ll mean the end of the world. So Jenny suggests Angel take the piece they’ve got and transport it far away, to safeguard against him being reassembled.

Buffy and Angel have a tearful goodbye on the docks. He gives her a Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish ring, actually from my mother’s home town of Galway.

But Spike’s thugs ambush them, and get away with the bit of the Judge, and Spike and Drusilla put him together.

Buffy and Angel find them, almost get killed by the Judge, and escape just in time, making their way back to Angel’s lair.

Where they’re all wet from the rain.

And things happen…

Then Angel wakes with a start, runs out of bed into the rain, crying out in pain…

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th January 2000 – 22:45

After this episode there’s a trailer for Gimme Gimme Gimme and for Summer in the Suburbs.

Then, recording stops, and underneath there’s a older recording from The Learning Zone. There’s a programme about Chemistry and one about Polymers.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 22nd November 1999 – 00:25


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