Comic Relief 2001 – tape 2490

We’re jumping way forward in time now, for a tape from 2001, and Comic Relief. This is the second part of the telethon. No doubt part One is coming up. Let’s see what’s here.

We start with a panel show already in progress, hosted by Angus Deayton

Featuring, direct from yesterday, the lovely Stephen Fry.

Phill Jupitus

Sean Hughes

Roisin Murphy of Moloko

David Gower

and Nick Hancock.

So it’s They Think It’s All Over versus Never Mind the Buzzcocks crossed with Have I got News For You. Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over in fact.

There’s a ‘feel the politician’ featuring Roy Hattersley.

This was actually the BBC2 portion of the night’s broadcast, and it’s followed by a trailer for Dreem Teem Presents and a trailer for Monday Night Comedy.

BBC Genome:  BBC Two – 16th March 2001 – 22:00

After this, recording switches back to BBC1 for the main show. Jonathan Ross is in the presenter’s chair.

There’s the announcement of the winner of Celebrity Big Brother – a one-off for Comic Relief at that time, won by Jack Dee.

There’s a piece from Alan Partridge

featuring his friend Michael (Simon Greenall).

Also appearing, Peter Kay (as Tony Moloney)

There’s a Smack the Pony sketch

Sally Phillips is going to marry the highest bidder

The Actor Kevin Eldon is there to marry the lucky couple.

Ali G meets Posh & Becks

There’s a bizarre Vic and Bob piece where Charlie from Eastenders (I think) has to feed greek snacks to a St Bernard dog on the end of a stick of celery sticking out of her bum. I’m not making this up.

I slightly get the impression, mostly from Vic Reeves’ unshaven leather jacketed look, that this might not have been something they spent much time on.

At this stage of the evening, they’re amazed that the website has raised £250,000. I wonder what the typical breakdown of online. phone pledges and texting is these days? I bet texting is a huge proportion now.

There’s a Gimme Gimme Gimme special edition

BBC Genome: BBC One – 16th March 2001 – 22:35

The next presenters are David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, doing an Unplanned section.

As part of it, David Baddiel has his beard shaved off by Nicky Clarke, and Melinda Messenger draws all over Frank Skinner’s face.

After this, a contribution from the Goodness Gracious Me team, Meera Syal and Kulvinder Ghir present a link from Delhi.

Nina Wadia talks to Phill Jupitus outside TVC.

Sanjeev Bhaskar plays the Guru, in a bath with Sam Fox.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 16th March 2001 – 23:45

After this, it’s time for Graham Norton, making an entrance accompanied by Yes Brazil.

His first guest is Sarah Ferguson (still the Duchess of York at this time).

There’s a bit of Rock Profiles, including Matt Lucas blacking up as Prince. Hmm.

Not to be outdone, David Walliams does Craig David. 2001, ladies and gentlemen.

There’s an appearance by The League of Gentlemen

The Celebrity Big Brother Housemates

There’s a special edition of Marion and Geoff.

Incidentally, the scrolling caption at the bottom is thanking all the companies that helped get the comic relief website working, and able to handle donations online, and I can’t help wondering if ‘Wordplay’ is a misspelling of ‘Worldpay’.

They sign off with a performance of Reach by S Club 8 (including  Graham Norton) then the show signs off.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 17th March 2001 – 00:15

Then, Dermot O’Leary and Cat Deeley present a compilation of the Top 50 sweaty bits.

Including a random appearance by a Cyberman

The tape runs out before the top 50 finishes.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 17th March 2001 – 01:30



  1. I remember The League of Gentlemen (who I was most interested in at the time) absolutely dying on the night, weird choice of material (none of their big characters) too.

    I also recall Celebrity Big Brother was one of the most serious “comedy” shows ever, not one laugh in it, all involved took to it like they were serving a prison sentence. I thought they were going to have breakdowns.

  2. Matt Lucas and David Walliams both black up in the popular ‘Come Fly with Me’, and that went out in 2011 without much controversy. So I’m not sure this is a “it was acceptable in [insert decade here]” thing and is just something they both feel adds to the performance and doesn’t affect the comedy (the viewer may disagree of course).

    As said above this Celebrity Big Brother, despite only being a week (and a day) long, was apparently soul destroying and Jack Dee tried to escape just to add a bit of levity. I think Vanessa Feltz took it the worst.

  3. I believe a friend of mine was dancing at the stage on that show. I looked every where for videos for 2001 Comic Relief. Have you digitalized that whole tape? Could I download it?

    1. I’ve digitised the second half of that programme, and reviewed it here.

      If you know which bit your friend was dancing on, I can probably upload that bit for you, but I might not be able to do it in the next two weeks as I’m going on holiday.

      I don’t know which tape has the first half, though, so I’ll probably only find that when they come up. One of them hasn’t been digitised, so I don’t know what that has on it.

      1. She had this big red hat with something that looks like feathers. I believe she was on the stage while S Club 7 was singing – at least that was what she told me. She is short.
        It would be great if you had this part of the show.
        Best regards,

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