Doctor Who – tape 1525

More early Pertwee from UK Gold, with The Mutants. A l.ovely atmospheric opening shot rather spoiled by having a gasping, long-bearded old man running out of the fog towards us, making me immediately think I’ve turned on Monty Python by mistake.

The Doctor is sent a large black object from the Timelords, and is expected to deliver it to someone. It will only open when given to that person. They arrive on a ship, where there appears to be two groups. Overlords and Solonians. Geoffrey Palmer is the top man for the overlords.

He doesn’t last long, though, assassinated by one of the Solonians.

The person to whom the Timelords’ gift was intended was Ky, one of the Solonians, played by Garrick Hagon, slightly more famously played Biggs Darklighter in the first Star Wars.

This is very much along the same lines as Colony in Space. Earth as Imperial power, versus the inhabitants of a planet (although in this case they’re indigenous).

The Humans have been trying to change the atmosphere of the planet so it’s not poisonous to them.

After a lot of running around, getting captured and escaping, once again, an investigator is on the way from Earth, so he’ll probably turn out to be The Master again.

Luckily, it isn’t, it’s just an actual Earth investigator. The Doctor, along with Professor Sondegard, who has been living on the planet for some time, learning about the people living there and their strange lifecycle, they prove that the leader of the overlords was behind Geoffrey Palmer’s assassination, and that Earth should leave the planet in peace.

After this, recording switches and we get the end of an episode of Dog House which doesn’t look very interesting.

Then, there’s the start of the omnibus edition of Invasion of the Dinosaurs, with this introduction to explain the start being in black and white.

I only recorded the first episode, and a small bit of the second, probably because the recording of the first episode as a full episode was plagued by a lot of encryption interference from the satellite.

The tape ends during episode 2.


  • trail: David Copperfield
  • trail: Elizabeth R
  • trail: Fairport Convention
  • Asda
  • Mini Babybel
  • Opal Fruits Ice Cream
  • St Ivel Baby & Toddler
  • Vitalite
  • Ribena
  • Flash Bathroom
  • Pampers
  • Whiskas

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