Day: April 21, 2017

Spielberg and the Dinosaurs – Over The Rainbow – tape 1504

First on this tape, Spielberg and the Dinosaurs, a behind the scenes look at Jurassic Park.

This was, according to Genome, from 12th July 1993. According to iMDb the film was released on July 16th.

My memory of that time was that, prior to the film’s release, there were very few glimpses of the CGI dinosaurs. So if I’m correct, there won’t be as much footage of the full motion dinosaurs as in the making of we saw a little while ago, which came out after the film’s release.

Sure enough, we see a few things, like the herd of gallimimus, which were in the trailer, but when they play the classic brachiosaurus scene, we get all the reaction shots, but only the barest hint of the dinosaur. But there’s also a small glimpse of the CGI T-Rex, so it’s a bit more than I remember seeing.

For the second time in two days, here’s Michael Crichton.

We also hear from Laura Dern

Sam Neill

The always wonderful Jeff Goldblum

Sir Richard Attenborough (what on earth are they thinking with the drop shadow on the caption here?)

And, naturally, Steven Spielberg

There’s a lovely moment where he talks about Laura Dern’s character not being a screaming heroine, and refers to his wife Kate Capshaw, who screamed “for almost 90 minutes of the two hours of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It was no way to build a character. I thought it was at the time but I was wrong.” Some refreshing honesty from someone so powerful.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th July 1993 – 19:00

After this, recording switches to another programme already in progress, a documentary looking at what the problems would be having a real Jurassic Park, as scientists and zookeepers talk about managing large, dangerous animals.

There’s some interviews from the Jurassic Park crew as well, including this one with Steven Spielberg, where you can see Dennis Muren in the background.

This was a Channel 4 production, but there’s no clue what the title was from what I’ve got here. Could have been Equinox. It was followed by the Tour De France, though.

After this, recording switches to LWT, and a programme I had forgotten even existed, Over The Rainbow. It’s a sitcom starring Angeline Ball and Bronagh Gallagher from The Commitments, and written by that movie’s screenwriters, Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais.

This episode is called Only The Lonely. It’s set in Brighton. Angeline Ball, as Finnoula, lives over the pub, the rainbow of the title. Her husband Neil has just got out of jail, but finds his best mate Spence living in the flat with Finn, and she asks for a divorce.

He’s naturally upset, hints at suicide, then, later, is brought back to the pub soaking wet, having been fished from the water.

Hilarity ensues when we learn, at the end of the episode, that he had jumped into the water to save a little boy who had fallen in. Jokes about suicide. They’re always funny.

Still, it’s good to see Clement and LaFrenais aren’t afraid to present diverse lifestyles. Or perhaps they’re just big Morecambe and Wise fans.

Oh, and just to underline how much this is influenced by The Commitments, the girls are in a pub band.

The next episode is I Write The Songs. Spence and Neil are trying to write songs, but they’re rubbish. Spence is even cribbing lyrics from old albums.

Next it’s Red, Red Wine. I detect a trend in the episode titles.

Selina Cadell makes an appearance as Neil’s probation officer.

Next it’s Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood. The band play at a big country house, and Finn gets a fan letter from the house’s owner, or so she thinks.

When she returns the next morning, the two men in her life are horribly jealous. But his Lordship is a little younger than they thought.

That’s the last episode on this tape. I’ll be honest, it’s an LWT sitcom, with all that usually entails. Sadly, it’s no Hot Metal. It has a very Men Behaving Badly vibe – smart, capable women lumbered with ineffectual, barely sentient blokes – but the leads don’t have the charm of Clunes or Morrissey. And I don’t understand the logic behind deciding to make a sitcom with two of the stars of a huge hit movie, then basically sideline both of them in favour of two utterly anonymous men whom we really don’t care about. This is a waste of both Ball and particularly Gallagher, who gets almost nothing to do. A great disappointment from two usually great writers.

After this, recording continues for a time with Kinnock – The Inside Story. It looks like an interesting programme, but there’s only ten minutes of it. Then the recording ends.


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