Day: April 8, 2017

Cheers – tape 1550

On this tape, the last three episodes of Cheers. The first starts without a pre-titles teaser gag, but at least it plays the theme tune in its entirety.

First, it’s the second part of Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses. Rebecca is at Mr Gaines’ party, upset that it isn’t a date. Sam comes to help, and persuades Gaines to look after Rebecca for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Rebecca has had a bit to drink.

The gang are still convinced that Cliff has killed his mother.

The next episode is The Guy Can’t Help It.

Rebecca falls for the plumber who fixes the beer taps, played by Tom Berenger.

And Sam eventually is persuaded to go to a support group for sex addiction. He ends up trying to hit on a woman there.

Finally, the extended final episode, One for the Road. Rebecca’s boyfriend, Tom Berenger, pops the question, but Rebecca can’t say yes.

Then, the gang see Diane Chambers win a writing award at the Cable TV awards.

Sam writes a congratulation note to Diane, and when she phones to thank him, he invites her to visit, telling her he’s married with four children, because she tells him she’s married with three children.

When she appears at Cheers with ‘Reed’ Sam gets Rebecca to stand in as his wife, but the plan goes awry when Tom Berenger comes back and begs Rebecca to marry him, and she says yes.

Diane has little chance to gloat at Sam’s discomfort, when a man bursts in to accue her husband of cheating on him. Turns out, ‘Reed’ was an actor Diane asked to pretend to be her husband.

Back in the bar, Don and Rebecca return from City Hall, newly married.

There’s more good news, as Norm gets a job with the city, after Woody’s election. And Cliff gets a promotion at the Post Office.

But the last straw is when Sam and Diane announce that Sam’s leaving to go to California with Diane.

There’s a lovely scene with them in the plane, waiting for various delays, and they keep hearing the cabin crew tell them they shouldn’t go together.

So Sam returns to the bar, and the show ends with everyone being quite happy for a change.

After this, we switch to ITV for The South Bank Show on Dudley Moore. It’s a lovely profile. I do like these Thunderbird sketches from Not Only… But Also.

Interviewed for the profile are Peter Cook

Jonathan Miller, in peak Jonathan Miller form

Blake Edwards

Sir Georg Solti

and Bernard Levin

After this, recording continues briefly with some Soccer from the US. Then the tape ends.


  • Nat West
  • Toyota Carina
  • Walker’s
  • Agfa
  • Royal Mail
  • Intercity
  • trail: Sport on ITV
  • Ford
  • Barclaycard
  • Orangina
  • Fujicolor
  • TSB