Day: April 4, 2017

LA Law – tape 1556

We’re going a bit further back in time for more LA Law episodes. I do apologise for the unconventional way these episodes are coming out, but this blog only really has one rule, that I review the tapes in the order I pulled them out of their storage boxes. So I’m totally at the mercy of my haphazard packing when we first boxed them all up (which would have been over ten years ago, when we moved house).

At the start I did think about being selective, but even doing this one tape a day is a relentless process, and having to make a conscious choice of what to look at next would end up with me spending more time trying to decide what to watch than actually watching the tapes.

As a result, here we’ve got three episodes that come immediately before the last three episodes from yesterday’s tape.

Also note that doing tapes in numerical order doesn’t help because this tape comes after yesterday’s in my catalogue. I used to log tapes in batches rather than when I recorded them, so even then the numbering wouldn’t help.

But enough of my many failings as an archivist, and back to the law firm of McKenzie Brackman. The first episode here is Christmas Stalking.  Roxanne and Tommy are still trying for a baby, staying in a hotel. Tommy embarrasses the room service guy.

David Schwimmer is almost a regular at this point. Here he is giving Douglas his resume.

Arnie is carjacked by John Fleck (Murder One)

Gwen is receiving strange gifts referring to fairy tales. At first she thinks it’s Daniel sending things, but realises it’s not him.

I just discovered something interesting. Sheila Kelley, who plays Gwen Taylor, is married to Richard Schiff, who played Toby Ziegler on The West Wing. It’s a small world.

The next episode is Odor in the Court. Douglas wants to represent two scientists who have synthesized human pheromones. It’s another creepy sex-based storyline.

And Arnie is still being finagled by the head of a studio. He keeps promising to take him to meet his silent partner, and when he finally does, it looks like the partner is a lot more silent than usual.

In the next episode, Spanky and the Art Gang, Arnie learns that the partner died as a result of a BDSM sex session. There’s the creepy sex again.

Gwen’s Huntington’s Chorea risk is revealed when the company’s insurer refuses to insure her for a pre-existing condition.

And her stalker finally makes herself known.

After this, recording stops, and underneath there’s the end of an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation, and the start of an episode of Studs, the kind of drivel that really characterised most of Sky’s output in the early days. The tape ends after a few minutes.


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