Day: March 28, 2017

Doctor Who – tape 1553

Ah, the early days of UK Gold, with the golden retriever idents. Simpler times.

It’s Jon Pertwee’s final season for this helping of Doctor Who and a sequel to boot. The Monster of Peladon is a sequel to The Curse of Peladon and returns us to Peladon. I wonder if this model shot is reused from the first serial?

The workers of Peladon have acquired the strangest hairstyle.

There’s a return appearance for Alpha Centauri. One of those creatures that you vividly remember when you’re nine years old.

There’s a problem with the mining on Peladon. The miners refuse to use the new equipment, the sonic lance, because they think it’s blasphemy against Aggedor (the titular monster) and indeed we see a miner zapped by a bright light at the start.

The Doctor and Sarah arrive in one of the tunnels underneath the citadel. Oddly, they arrive on film, and in the next scene are in the studio, but supposedly in the same tunnels. I assume the Tardis landing was somewhere on location, and they recreated the tunnels in the studio.

They are at first assumed to be saboteurs, but luckily, Alpha Centauri is the same person from the first serial (and not a descendant) and vouches for the Doctor.

Also at the court, in place of the king is his daughter Queen Thalira (Nina Thomas).

Of course she has a crusty, bearded ‘adviser’ Ortron (Frank Gatliff)

Also at the court is a human representative from the Galactic Federation, a man called Eckersley (Donald Gee). I Like that he has such a Victoria Wood-style name.

The miners on Peladon are not happy. As the Doctor says to Alpha, in the 50 years since Peladon joined the Federation, they’re now having to work harder for the same reward. A group of them find the sealed door to where all the Federation weapons are stored, and one of them comes to get Eckersley to force him to open the door. Alpha says they’re barbarous, but the Doctor thinks otherwise. “When miners have to take up arms to protect their rights, they probably have their reasons.”

He manages to defuse an armed rebellion, and goes to investigate the last place the ‘aggedor’ appeared, convinced it’s some form of trickery. But the miners have planted explosives there, and when he goes inside they trigger them, blocking him in.

Then Aggedor appears.

Before the next episode, there’s a small snatch of Top of the Pops, and it’s The Jam doing Down in a Tube Station at Midnight. Great stuff.

Rather less good is John Travolta and Olivia Newton John at number one with Summer Nights.

Then part two of Doctor Who. Gebek, leader of the miners, discovers what the other miners have done, and helps the Doctor escape from the cave-in.

But the political shenanigans are continuing. Ortron, the Queen’s adviser, decides the Doctor is in league of the miners, and casts him and Sarah into Aggedor’s pit.

Before the next episode, more Top of the Pops, with a folky/prog duo I completely don’t recognise.

Is that Rick Wakeman on keyboards, using a paint roller?

This is followed by Middle of the Road doing Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep. A true classic.

In Part Three, The Doctor remembers how to pacify Aggedor with his Venusian lullaby and spinning hypnotiser, so he gets out of the pit.

There’s something else going on here apart from unhappy miners and a high priest who wants to keep all the profits for himself. Something hidden in the refinery. I can take a wild guess.

Heh – in one of the ad breaks, there’s a compilation album and one of the tracks is “What is Love” by Haddaway, which only yesterday I heard played on the Wittertainment podcast. More synchronicity.

Gebek springs the Doctor from the cells. As he’s dragging a now unconscious guard into the cell, his stripy wig falls off. They still used that take.

And they finally find their way into the locked refinery, whre they find, to nobody’s surprise, Ice Warriors.

In Part Four, the Ice Warriors demand that the miners return to work, and take hostages who will be killed if the miners refuse. I don’t think these are the good guys.

In the face of this Alien intrusion, the Peladonians unite against them. And the Doctor gets to do some fencing.

He’s trying to stop one of the miners from using the sonic lance to destroy the citadel, but the leader of the Ice Warriors has booby trapped it, and it blows up.

Part Five sees the Doctor survive the explosion, and Sarah and Alpha Centauri discover that the Ice Warriros are working with the human Eckersley, in order to get the Trisilicate from the Peladon mines. Eckersley wants to be ruler of Earth.

In the final episode, the Ice Warriors are defeated, but Eckersley takes the Queen into the tunnels. But the Doctor brings Aggedor to the party, and Eckersley doesn’t come out on top.

After the final episode, the recording stops, and underneath there’s a bot of a previous recording, with a short piece of The Haunting. Then the tape ends.


  • Get It On
  • trail: Squeeze Live/Spandau Ballet Live
  • Jurassic Park in cinemas
  • Midland Bank
  • Tetley
  • Fruit & Fibre
  • Persil
  • Dettol
  • Dance Hits 93
  • Renault Clio
  • Get It On
  • trail: Shannon’s Deal
  • Peugeot 106
  • Dance Hits 93
  • Gateway
  • Easy Stripper
  • Sega
  • Renault 19
  • Get It On
  • Pringles
  • Sega
  • Wispa
  • Jurassic Park in cinemas
  • Head & Shoulders
  • TV Licensing
  • Ariel Ultra
  • Kaliber – Billy Connolly