Day: March 26, 2017

LA Law – tape 1558

This tape opens with the end credits of a Stephen J Cannell production, but I don’t recognise the music, so it could be anything.

Then we have some LA Law with the episode Where There’s a Will. This is late-era LA Law, with a lot of the regulars having left. I don’t have as much fondness for this era.

Sheila Kelley and A Martinez are being stalked by a woman who believes she’s Martinez’ wife, and who stabbed Kelley in a previous episode. Leland is trying to exonerate a client who was found guilty of morder when he was a young public defender. And Douglas meets the man who will play him in the movie of his life story – Erik Estrada.

Before the next episode, there’s a brief interview with Corbin Bernsen from Sky News.

The next episode is F.O.B. Leland is annoyed at the amount of non-company work being done by the staff so he calls them all in to either dedicate their time to the firm or leave, and even Arnie agrees, saying his other job as a studio executive is unfulfilling.

Griffin Dunne guest stars as a lawyer from the new Clinton administration who wants the firm to sue a mental hospital for releasing patients without due care. But he’s got a personal axe to grind, and he isn’t part of the Clinton White House.

Then, Cold Shower. Ethan Phillips (Neelix from Voyager) is a tax assessor.

Diane Ladd is the woman he’s assessing.


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