Day: March 9, 2017

The New Adventures of Superman – Bugs – Chicago Hope – Cinefile – tape 2033

This tape opens with the end of Big Break. Yes, there was a time when the BBC considered Jim Davidson to be suitable viewing for Saturday Night Primetime.

This is followed by a trailer for Monkhouse’s Memory Masters, a show I have no recollection of whatsoever. And there’s a look at Bank Holiday Monday programmes.

Then, The New Adventures of Superman with an episode called Top Copy. Guest starring Raquel Welch as Diana Stride, who hosts a trashy TV news show, and who wants to discover Superman’s secret identity.

Raquel Welch

But she’s not just a reporter. She also works for Intergang, and takes time out of her TV schedule to try to assassinate a witness about to testify against Intergang.

Robert Culp makes a brief cameo as a scientist who provides Stride with some powdered kryptonite.

Robert Culp

She manages to kiss Superman with kryptonite infused lipstick, which is slowly killing him. And in the meantime she finds out that Clark is Superman.

Superman has to get some radiation therapy to clear the kryptonite – I’m not sure I quite understand how that’s supposed to work – but he gets some by walking into the Metropolis Nuclear Power Station.


Lois manages to prevent Stride killing the witness again. But then, Stride runs her story that Superman is Clark Kent. So to counter this, Clark holds a press conference at which both he and Superman are present.

Two Supes

Because, you see, Superman’s mother has just started using lasers to create holographic sculptures, and was able to modify it to project a completely convincing image of Superman. I totally believe this storyline.

Stride’s story is therefore debunked as fake news, as this terribly formatted newspaper headline demonstrates.

Hoax Exposed

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th May 1995 – 18:30

There’s a trailer for Birds of a Feather. And one for the return of Steve Wright’s People Show. At one point he says ‘non-stop entertainment’ but puts such a pause on the ‘non’ that it sounds as if he’s saying ‘nonce’. Perhaps not a good idea for a Radio One DJ.

Talking of Radio One DJs, next is the start of Simon Mayo’s Confessions in which the young Mr Mayo gets members of the audience up on stage and gets them to confess to something embarrassing in their past.

After a few minutes, recording switches and there’s the end of the National Lottery. (12, 13, 25, 37, 44, 45, bonus ball 9)

There’s a trailer for Out of the Blue.

Then, an episode of Bugs. In Hot Metal the team are called in to check out a failed raid on a metallurgical company developing a revolutionary new metal which can explode if played sound at the right frequency. They’re up against criminals who have developed a way of making explosions silent.

The villain is played by the reliably villainous Nickolas Grace

Nickolas Grace Craig McLachlan

Ros gets to play Anneka Rice while chasing a truck full of the metal.

Jaye Griffiths

Ed (McLachlan) has to escape from an elaborate trap before a sample of the metal explodes, rather impressively.


BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th May 1995 – 20:15

After this, there’s a trailer for Castles.

Then, an episode of Chicago Hope. Mandy Patinkin is upset that people are parking in his spot. Adam Arkin asks for a dying patient’s morphine to be increased to help her die, but a nurse is reluctant to do that, triggering a bio-ethics committee.

It’s an interesting examination of euthanasia.

Jon Favreau makes a small appearance as a doctor.

Jon Favreau

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th May 1995 – 21:05

After this, recording switches to Channel 4 and, as part of the School Daze season, Cinefile profiles John Waters.

John Waters

Waters is always a delightful interview subject. He will occasionally refuse to answer some questions with “I’d prefer to make money of that answer than give it to Channel 4” but he’s still fairly honest about his growing up in Baltimore, like the time he went into a shop in only short and shorts, shoplifted an entire set of clothes to wear, then went to interview there for a job. And he almost got the job.

I once saw John Waters being interviewed at the National Film Theatre, and he was very entertaining. I can’t say his earlier films were particular favourites of mine, but I do appreciate him as a filmmaker, and I liked his later studio films, like Cry Baby or Hairspray.

After this, recording continues, with about an hour of Europa Europa, at which point the tape ends.


  • L’Oreal Excellence
  • Corn Flakes
  • Andrex
  • Yardley
  • Le Shuttle
  • Fuji Super G
  • Shell
  • Bodyform
  • trail: The Good Mother
  • trail: Hairspray
  • Philadelphia
  • Colgate Total
  • Persil
  • Sunday Times
  • Standard Life
  • BNFL
  • Ford Escort
  • trail: Travels with my Camera: The Last Safari
  • trail: The Good Mother
  • Citroen ZX
  • Gillette Gel
  • Mail on Sunday
  • BT
  • Post Office
  • Eurostar
  • The City of Lost Children in cinemas
  • Peugeot 306