Not the Nine O’Clock News – Coogan’s Run – Have I Got News For You – Shooting Stars Xmas Special – Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge – tape 2059

Today we have a tape packed with comedy, and also another of the seemingly endless supply of tapes recorded around Christmas 1995. There appears to be no end to them.

First, there’s the end of Secret Nature, and a trailer for Screen Two: Saigon Baby, a drama about illegal overseas adoption, featuring the much missed John Hurt. There’s a trailer for Easy Rider and a making-of documentary, Born to be Wild.

Then, another compilation of Not The Nine O’Clock News, which opens with posh people falling off horses.

There’s ‘Constable Savage’

Constable Savage

(Rowan Atkinson predicting his future performance as Inspector Fowler in The Thin Blue Line)

Here’s Doctor Who stuntman Stuart Fell about to fall out of a door.

Stuart Fell

A musical interlude – “I can’t believe Ronald Reagan is president”. Simpler times.

I Believe

“The Devil: Is He All Bad?”

The Rev Lance Mountjoy

Another classic – the judge who doesn’t know about anything modern. “A digital watch? What on earth is a digital watch?”

What on earth is a digital watch

And the show closes with the final song in the series, “Kinda Lingers”

Kinda Lingers

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 15th December 1995 – 21:00

A Christmas trailer follows.

Then, another Day Today Mini episode, including a classic bit of Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan. “Ich… Nichten… Lichten”

There’s a trailer for Jools Holland’s New Year show.

Then, Coogan’s Run and Natural Born Quizzers. Coogan and Patrick Marber are brothers on the run, having kidnapped their therapist. There’s a good cast, including Rebecca Front as a policewoman

Rebecca Front

Her detective colleague is Jim Carter

Jim Carter

She has a past with the two homicidal quizzers, as she and her sister competed against them on Top of the Class

Rebecca Front Two


Compere of the show is Duncan Preston

Duncan Preston


When the boys catch up with him, she’s changed a bit.


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 15th December 1995 – 21:30

After this, there’s a trailer for Faust, Animal Farm, and Gary Larson’s Tales of the Far Side.

Then, Have I Got News For You featuring guests Lee Hurst

Lee Hurst

And Mark Little

Mark Little

I wonder which one was the last minute replacement for the billed Clare Rayner.

Amusingly, they crack exactly the same joke as in Not The Nine O’Clock News – how dogs resemble their owners. Different footage, though.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 15th December 1995 – 22:00

After this, recording switches to a little later in the month, and the Shooting Stars festive special. They’ve spent a bit of money on sets and costumes, and Ulrika gets to dance.


As does Mark Lamarr

Mark Lamarr

Guests are Clive Mantle

Clive Mantle

Alvin Stardust

Alvin Stardust

Anna Friel

Anna Friel

and Neil Morrissey

Neil Morrissey

Amusingly, after yesterday’s tape, they do a parody of the Alien Autopsy.

Not Alien Autopsy

There’s even a musical guest, Edwyn Collins

Edwin Collins

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 29th December 1995 – 21:00

There’s a trailer for the great Robert Altman movie The Player.

Then, Knowing Me Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge. A Christmas special for Steve Coogan’s chat show host. I’ve seen it several times, but it still makes me laugh an awful lot.

Rebecca Front plays a bellringer who is worried about the amount of sex and violence on TV.

Rebecca Front

The Actor Kevin Eldon plays celebrity chef Fanny Thomas

Kevin Eldon

The lovely David Schneider plays Alan’s new boss Tony Hayers, whom he begs for a second series of his chat show.

David Schneider

Doon MacKichan and Patrick Marber are a golfing couple with a tragic back story.

Doon MacKichan and Patrick Marber

To close the show, Mick Hucknall sings Ding Dong Merrily on High.

Mick Hucknall

Whilst I’ve quite enjoyed the episodes of Coogan’s Run I’ve seen, I have to say that he’s never better than when playing Alan Partridge. And the material is good enough to support the performance, some really good writing and production.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 29th December 1995 – 21:40

Next, recording switches, and we’ve got a nice surprise, with a programme that’s not on my database. It’s Films of the Year with Barry Norman giving his rundown of the best films of the year. I’ll see if I can list them – it’s sometimes hard to spot which ones he’s nominating.

As well as the films of the year, there’s a rundown of the top ten films at the UK box office. Unbelievably, the top two films were Batman Forever and Casper. This was in the year that Apollo 13 and The Shawshank Redemption were out. Shawshank didn’t even grace the top 10. Batman Forever. This was an omen for Brexit.

Never mind, here’s Pierce Brosnan and Joe Don Baker to cheer you up.

Pierce Brosnan and Joe Don Baker

In the movie news, there was the plan to turn the Leavesden studios, where Goldeneye was shot, into a Studio Tour, something that eventually happened many years later with the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th December 1995 – 23:30

There’s a trailer for Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge.

Then, the start of Little Big Man starring Dustin Hoffman. Here he is before he went into make up.

Dustin Hoffman

The tape ends just as the film starts.



  1. I saw Shawshank on the big screen, and emerged thinking it was fine, nothing special, so imagine my surprise when it started to regularly top “best movie evah!” lists.

      1. Hi

        Ok, well the episode in question is Series 1, Episode 4, aired 5th October 1995, featuring guests Fred McCauley and Barry McGuigan. I’m always after good quality episodes of that series in general, but this is the only episode I do not have at all.

        Hope it’s among your stuff. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

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