The Thin Blue Line – Film 95 – tape 2060

This tape opens with the end of Eastenders, and some egregious Ian Beale facial hair.

Ian Beale Moustache

There’s a trailer for Roughnecks. That was created by Kieran Prendiville off of That’s Life, believe it or not.

There’s also a trailer for One Foot in the Grave.

Then, another episode of The Thin Blue Line. In Fire and Terror Owen Teale turns up as a firefighter.

Owen Teale

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th November 1995 – 20:30

There ‘s a trailer for Sportsnight. And a trailer for Everyman on the scandal of the ‘New Age Priest’.

Then there’s the start of a party political broadcast by the Labour Party.

After a few minutes, recording switches to the end of an episode of Chef! Insert obligatory Claire Skinner picture here.

Claire Skinner

Albert Roux makes a cameo.

After this, there’s a Sportsnight trailer. And a trailer for Redcaps.

Then, Film 95, 20 minutes later than billed because of the extended Panorama, has reviews of

Before the Bond review, there’s a few Vox Pops of punters who watched a preview of the new movie. Amongst the people interviewed, I almost fell out of my chair when I spotted this chap giving his thoughts on Brosnan’s debut.

Idris Elba talks Bond

It’s only bloody Idris Elba, not yet a famous leading man. In fact, we saw his first screen credit a little while ago, as ‘Parachute Instructor’ in 2point4 Children. If he’s ever cast as Bond himself, this clip will undoubtedly turn up everywhere.

There’s also a report by Tom Brook of the US World Premiere. Including contributions with already famous actor Liam Neeson.

Liam Neeson

There’s an interview with Rob Reiner about The American President.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th November 1995 – 22:50

There’s a fragment of Eastenders before the next programme, followed by trailers for Due South and A Tribute to Paul Eddington: Yes Minister.

Then, more from The Thin Blue Line. This episode is called Honey Trap. Inspector Fowler asks Constable Habib to act as bait to catch a criminal. But this also conflicts with his pub quiz team. Hilarity ensues.

Honey Trap

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th November 1995 – 20:30

Following this, there’s a trailer for Fire in the Sky and for Panorama on Louis Farrakhan.

There’s the start of The Nine O’Clock News leading with setbacks in the Northern Ireland peace process.

Recording switches, and we get the end of another episode of Chef!. There’s a trailer for Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. And for The Affair.

Then, more from Barry Norman and Film 95 as he gives his verdict on:

There’s an interview with Keanu Reeves about Johnny Mnemonic. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen. I took my (then) fianceé to the London Film Festival surprise film that year, assuring her that it was always a good film – they’d shown Bullets over Broadway and Arachnophobia in previous years. That year, our first together, they showed Johnny Mnemonic. I never leave a film before it’s finished, but I was close this time, and more than half of the audience had less patience than I. It was a film so bad that the director of the LFF, the lovely Sheila Whitaker, came out after the film to apologise to those of us who’d stayed. As the surprise film is booked very close to the screening date, this one had been booked blind, and nobody had been able to see it before that screening.

There’s another report, this one a location report on the movie Loch Ness, including star Ted Danson.

Ted Danson

And there’s a short tribute to Louis Malle.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th November 1995 – 22:40

Recording switches, just in time for some Eastenders Duff Duffs, a trailer for Dangerfield and a Christmas comedy trailer.

Then another helping of The Thin Blue Line. In Rag Week the force have to deal with rowdy students, and a Bank Raid.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th December 1995 – 20:30

There’s a trailer for An Evening with Peter Ustinov. and one for Panorama, on droughts in Yorkshire.

Then the start of The Nine O’Clock News.

Recording switches to the end of the FA Cup draw. I can’t believe that’s an actual TV programme.

There’s a trailer for Sports Review of 95. And a trailer for Never Say Never Again which opens with the voice of Alec McCowen as Q, who died only this week (as I write this). One more for the blog’s Death Watch, I’m afraid. The trailer also features Patriot Games, Last of the Mohicans and Indecent Proposal.

Then, more Film 95, with Barry’s verdict on the following films:

Animals and Insects features a very young Mark Rylance, appearing with Patsy Kensit. Barry isn’t complimentary about his performance.

Mark Rylance and Patsy Kensit

There’s a location report on Richard III, with Ian McKellen showing even he can corpse a bit during the serious bits.

Ian McKellen

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th December 1995 – 22:35

After this, recording continues for a bit with a trailer for Dangerfield before the start of The Fog, John Carpenter’s ghost story. The tape ends during this.




  1. I don’t think “The American President” did that well at the UK box office, but then it was before “The West Wing” started… it seems to weird that that the theme from the movie got used in the trailer for “Saving Private Ryan.”

  2. I remember being very taken with Constable Habib’s appearance in the Honey Trap episode, but I was but a callow teen back then. I used to really like Roughnecks, shame it only lasted two series and now seems all but forgotten (strange, when you consider the cast and a cracking Mike Post theme tune) All I can say about the Elba appearance is BLIMEY!

  3. “No, ye haff tae believe it tae see it!” Not Johnny Mnemonic, but the Loch Ness Monster in that film, which I kept managing to see the trailer of whenever I visited the pictures at the time. I did pay good money to see JM, and the only good thing about it was Dolph Lundgren dressed as Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. If that’s the highlight, you have a film in trouble.

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