Not The Nine O’Clock News – Coogan’s Run – Have I Got News For You – Newsnight – tape 2067

First, we’re straight into another compilation of highlights from Not The Nine O’Clock News. Griff Rhys Jones first does his Bamber Gascoigne impersonation, a few years before The Young Ones.

Griff does Bambi

He also does Robert Robinson on Ask The Family. I’m amused by the family who are all quantity surveyors. My dad was a quantity surveyor.

Not Robert Robinson

Pamela Stephenson does Janet Street Porter interviewing Rowan as a French architect obsessed with phallic symbolism. “Nelson’s Column? Nelson’s Willy more like.”

Architectural discussion

Music – the seminal ‘I Like Trucking’

I Like Trucking

And the Pirelli tyre advert with Sir Robert Mark. “I am convinced… I am convinced…” My memory of this is that, when the car goes screeching past he says “THIS ISN’T STARSKY AND HUTCH YOU KNOW” but that’s not here. Was that a memory from the albums? Or a completely different sketch? It’s the Mandela effect, isn’t it?

Sir Robert Mark

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 1st December 1995 – 21:00

After this there’s a trailer for Later with Jools Holland featuring David Bowie, plus Oasis covering Slade.

Then, another Day Today mini episode, this one featuring the classic Rok TV profile of controversial rapper Fur Q.

Then, an episode of Coogan’s Run – A Handyman for All Seasons. A proposal is in place for turning the town of Ottle into a New Town. But local Handyman Ernest Moss is skeptical, so the developer starts a whispering campaign that Moss’s work has become ‘slapdash’ to discredit him.

Ernest Moss

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 1st December 1995 – 21:30

There’s a trailer for the FA Cup Draw.

Then, Have I Got News For You with guests Alan Davies

Alan Davies

And Ken Livingstone

Ken Livingstone

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 1st December 1995 – 22:00

Before the next programme there’s the end of an episode of Secret Nature.

There’s a trailer for Tx about the cultural revolution, and another lovely Gromit identfollowed by a Christmas on 2 trailer.

Then, Not The Nine O’Clock News starts with the Hedgehog Apology, and ‘All Out Superpower Confrontation’.

Tomorrows World, with Judith Hann. “That is, until now.”

That is, until now

“With this, a microprocessor base.”

A Microprocessor Base

Billy Connolly makes a guest appearance.

Billy Connolly

‘Stout Life’ is presented by Janet Street Porter. I mean

Janny Shtrait-Pawuh

Another classic, That’s Life. “I’m sorry, but this has absolutely nothing to do with us.”

Not Esther Rantzen

It closes with Nice Video Shame About the Song

Nice Video Shame about the Song

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th December 1995 – 21:00

Another Christmas trail follows this, then one for A Very Open Prison.

Then, another Coogan’s Run with Thursday Night Fever featuring club singer Mike Crystal. This episode was written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews.

Mike Crystal

His manager is played by Graham Fellowes, aka John Shuttleworth.

Graham Fellowes

Mike wants his own night at the club – Crystal Night. I assume he’s no student of history.

There’s a cameo appearance from the Wurzels

The Wurzels

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th December 1995 – 21:30

There’s a trailer for a season of programmes about Britpop. And one for Out of Africa.

Then, Have I Got News for You features guests Craig Charles

Craig Charles

And PJ O’Rourke

PJ O'Rourke

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th December 1995 – 22:00

After this, recording continues, and there’s a trail for Human Rights, Human Wrongs.

Then, there’s a Video nation in which a new father is whining that his wife has ‘put me on the back burner’ since the baby arrived.

There’s a trail for Horizon.

Then, Newsnight with Peter Snow, on Bill Clinton’s visit, and the hopes for peace in Northern Ireland.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th December 1995 – 22:30

There’s a trailer for Modern Times about the John Lewis Partnership.

Then the start of Don’t Give Up Your Day Job, the terrible late night ‘talent’ show. Oh God, they’re trying to do Reservoir Dogs with the opening.

Guests tonight are Simon Fanshawe, Rhona Cameron and Rowland Rivron.

Rowland Rivron Rhona Cameron and Simon Fanshawe



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