The X Files – Space Precinct – Michael Moore’s TV Nation – tape 2103

To BBC2 now, and a tape which starts with the end of The Travel Show with Jonathan Ross in Seattle, trying a bit of ‘wheatgrass detox’.

There’s a trailer for Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood. And a trailer for Love Bites: Ruffian Hearts.

Then, an episode of The X Files, Duane Barry. I’ve already looked at this on a previous tape, but check it out if you want to see Mulder in Speedos.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 25th September 1995 – 21:00

Recording switches to BBC2, and Nick Ross in Brighton for the Labour Party Conference. The scheduled programme, Floyd on Italy was postponed until tomorrow.

There’s a trail for Picture This, then a look at programmes from 6 on BBC2.

Programmes from 6 on 2

Then, an episode of Space Precinct called Time To Kill. Rather oddly, it’s also another episode I’ve watched on another tape, so go ov er there for some more details.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 2nd October 1995 – 18:00

After this, recording continues with a very dramatic trailer for Deep Space Nine scored with Mozart’s Requiem. There’s a less dramatic trailer for Chris Evans’ breakfast show.

Then, The O Zone starts, and a startlingly young Jayne Middlemiss talks to the equally young PJ & Duncan, aka Ant ‘n Dec. They’re already doing the ‘stand in name order’ thing even here.

Ant n Dec

After a few minutes of this, recording switches to the end of The Travel Show. There’s a trailer for the series of plays, Performance.

Then, more X Files with Ascension, the follow-up to Duane Barry, and also already reviewed previously.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 2nd October 1995 – 21:00

There’s a trailer for Shooting Stars.

Then, Michael Moore’s TV Nation, and it’s Bully Reunion Night.

Bully Reunion Night

There’s a report from the UK, where the puzzled Americans find out why you have to have a TV Licence to watch TV.

It features Licence Officers, who actually use a handheld TV detector.

TV Detector

It also talks to women who have been jailed for non-payment of the Licence Fee and subsequent fines. Women are (or were) disproportionately affected by enforcement of the Licence Fee. I’m a big supporter of the BBC, and I happily pay the Licence Fee, but this part of it (which is not administered by the BBC itself, it’s a government department) makes me very uncomfortable. There’s a ridiculous bit of buck passing here where the BBC say it’s a matter for government, and the government says it’s the BBC’s responsibility.

But this item is notable for being a rare instance of showing the inside of one of the almost mythical TV Detector Vans.

Inside a detector van

Here’s the report.

In a segment on Catholic Confession, they manage to misspell reporter Janeane Garofalo’s name.

Janeane Garofalo

Louis Theroux meets his school bully, who’s now living in a buddhist monastery in Scotland.

Louis Theroux and Bully

Next “a piece our American network would not allow us to air” on Savings and Loans.

Then, Crackers the Corporate Crimefighting Chicken looks at media mergers.

Crackers the Corporate Crimefighting Chicken

The final segment sees the show’s own KGB spy looking at why the democratic party is in decline.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 2nd October 1995 – 21:45

After this, a trailer for Timewatch: Evidence of Vikings. And a trailer for Assingment: The Baby Trade.

There’s also a caption trail for Face to Face with John Berger, who died earlier this month. Another one for the Death Watch.

John Berger

Then the tape runs out during Newsnight, at the Labour Conference.


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