Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – The Stand – tape 2093

This tape opens with Deep Space Nine, and Quark is having his ears caressed. Then Grand Nagus Zek turns up unannounced. Great, more Ferengi bollocks.

He’s rewritten the Rules of Acquisition, and appears to have embraced alruism.

And Bashir is up for a prestigious medical award, which seems to upset him because it’s more of a lifetime achievement award.

And, oh dear, they’re still playing darts very very badly.

The plot revolves around one of the Bajoran Prophets’ orbs, so not only is there Ferengi bollocks, there’s Bajoran bollocks.

Next, it’s the first part of Stephen King’s The Stand. Open mind, because it has some impressive actors in the cast, but then there’s those four words at the end of the credits that never inspire hope for me: Directed by Mick Garris.

There’s a containment breach at a military biological facility, and the gate guard, instead of sealing the base, decides to make a run for it with his family, and by the time he dies of the virus he picked up, in the arms of Gary Sinise at a gas station, he’s crossed half the country.

Ed Harris is the general in charge of dealing with the situation. It doesn’t look good, given how infectious and deadly this virus is.

Ed Harris

Sinise and his townsfolk are quarantined, and most of them die, but Sinise seems unaffected.

Gary Sinise

The start of this story is necessarily introducing all the characters. We get Adam Storke as Larry Underwood, the pop star who’s spent his advance, and owes $40K to some bad people, and goes running home to his very disapproving mother.

Adam Storke

And Molly Ringwald as the Molly Ringwald character, who has an almost comically spotty nerd in love with her, but who pivots on a dime to being a hateful, spurned manbaby when she says she’s going to a concert with her friends and can’t go with him to a Bergman film festival. “I’ve always found Cries and Whispers to be especially moving.”

Molly Ringwald

Her father is played by Ken Jenkins, Dr Kelso off of Scrubs, and it’s odd seeing him as an avuncular father figure.

Ken Jenkins

Rob Lowe is Nick Andros, a deaf mute who, when beaten up by local thugs, has a vision that he should visit someone called Mother Abigail.

Rob Lowe

Miguel Ferrer is a thug who holds up a store and gets arrested. He’s seeing visions too.

Miguel Ferrer

Edited to add: I was watching this tape yesterday, and today I learned that Miguel Ferrer has died at 61. How sad, and horribly young. He is an actor I always loved to see, who always made something just a little better just by being in it. The Death Watch continues.

There’s an uncredited turn by Kathy Bates as a talk radio DJ.

Kathy Bates

This whole first episode is basically all setup. And it’s mostly familiar stuff, like Survivors with fewer good manners. I have other tapes with other episodes on it so I hope I’ll see the whole thing. Matt Frewer turns up in future episodes.

After this, there’s the start of an episode of LA Law during which the tape runs out.


  • trail: Fire
  • Andrex
  • Ford Escort
  • Discovery Channel
  • Thomas Cook
  • Safeway
  • Pantene
  • trail: Sky Sports
  • trail: The X Files
  • The Chart Show Dance Album
  • Thomas Cook
  • Nurofen
  • Capri-Sun
  • Oil of Ulay
  • trail: A Bronx Tale
  • trail: Space Precinct
  • trail: Wayne’s World 2
  • Bacardi Breezer
  • Andrex Ultra
  • Insignia
  • Solpadeine
  • Summer Dance Party
  • Sky Text
  • trail: Dramas in September
  • Andrex
  • Corn Flakes
  • trail: Boxing
  • Radio Rentals
  • Batchelor’s Noodle Creations
  • The Disney Channel
  • trail: On Deadly Ground
  • trail: The Pelican Brief
  • Always
  • Safeway
  • Whiskas
  • Flex
  • Flora
  • Peperami
  • Legal & General
  • trail: Police Rescue
  • trail: Secrets of the X Files
  • Marc Bolan and T Rex
  • Fish Cuisine Bake
  • Oasis
  • Family Channel
  • Persil
  • George at Asda
  • trail: Boxing
  • trail: Sky One Prime Time
  • Coca Cola
  • Oil of Ulay
  • Disney Channel
  • Corn Flakes
  • Whiskas
  • True Love
  • trail: Cricket
  • trail: On Deadly Ground
  • Utterly Butterly
  • Ford Galaxy
  • Utterly Butterly
  • Apollo 13 in cinemas
  • Heineken Export
  • Utterly Butterly
  • trail: The OJ Simpson Trial
  • trail: Boxing
  • Energy Centre
  • Flower’s Original
  • Persil
  • Safeway
  • Apollo 13 in cinemas
  • Whiskas
  • Energy Centre
  • trail: The Simpsons – Who Shot Mr Burns
  • trail: Sky One Prime Time
  • Dove
  • Boddington’s
  • Pedigree Chum
  • Family Channel
  • Safeway
  • VW Polo
  • Dove
  • Behind The Scenes: On Deadly Ground


  1. Mick Garris is a really nice guy with a genuine love and knowledge of horror fiction, so it pains me to point out how punishingly pedestrian (at best) his King adaptations are. The Stand isn’t as bad as The Shining miniseries, but it’s close.

    Yeah, RIP Miguel, a superb character actor. There’s a lovely quote on his IMDB profile about how much he loved being in Robocop. He was a big King fan too.

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