The Simpsons – Sonatine – tape 2076

First on this tape, The Simpsons, with the episode Bart Sells his Soul.

bart sells his soul

After this, recording switches to BBC2 and the end of a Nicholas Craig Masterclass on presenting the weather.

Nicholas Craig

Then, as part of the BBC’s Century of Cinema season, “Beat” Takeshi’s Sonatine. A curious film which consists mostly of Japanese gangsters going on holiday to the beach, and shooting each other, and themselves.



After this, and before the Learning Zone kicks in, there’s Pages from Ceefax, which are looking rather lighter than usual. Have they been processed? Or did Ceefax get an upgrade in the 90s to allow the whole background to be changed?

After this, at 2am, The Learning Zone kicks off with episodes from A Way With Numbers presented by Carol Vorderman, with a programme about how time is measured.

Carol Vorderman

There’s an archive clip of Dudley Moore in the Mastermind chair.

Dudley Moore

There’s a playout glitch of some kind near the start. The programme stops with a grey screen for almost a minute, before the programme starts again from where it had stopped.

When Carol starts explaining the 24 hour clock, she uses, as an example, setting the video to record Twin Peaks at 9pm. “Up to 12 O’Clock midday everything remains the same. From 1pm the hours are not what they seem.” Top marks for that reference. And for Carol’s coffee cup.

Damn Fine Coffee

There’s a nice film about scheduling work, with two painters, one an interior decorator, the other a scenic artist painting backdrops. And the finished backdrop is used later in a sketch about months featuring Johnny Ball. I’m thinking that perhaps these bits came from an older educational programme about time, as I don’t think that Johnny Ball is contemporaneous with that Carol Vorderman. Closer to Think of a Number than Countdown.

Johnny Ball

The next programme in this series is Keep it in Proportion about ratios and percentages. This episode is also affected by a glitch, but this one looks more like a transmitter problem than a playout problem.

Transmission problems

The last programme here is the start of Pies and Bars. There’s an archive Monty Python clip.

Graham Chapman



  • Danny Baker’s Fabulous World of Freak Football
  • Toys R Us
  • Weetabix
  • Shine 3
  • trail: Football
  • trail: Movies
  • trail: Beethoven’s 2nd
  • Toys R Us
  • Samsung
  • Viennetta
  • Revlon
  • Kwik Save
  • trail: Michael Jackson One Night Only
  • trail: Fine Cut – The End of Innocence
  • trail: Horizon

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