2 point 4 Children – TOTP 2 – High Noon – tape 1597

The first episode of 2 point 4 children here is The Secret Diary of David Porter and features a guest appearance by the lovely Liz Smith, who died just over a week ago. I’m really very sorry.

Liz Smith

BBC Genome: BBC One – 7th September 1993 – 20:30

Next, it’s When the Children are asleep. Bill and Ben think their neighbours have been burgled.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 14th September 1993 – 20:30

In the next episode, Ben is rather sleep deprived because he’s been playing a video game all night. There’s a lovely fake behind the scenes bit at the end that leads to a second joke from the same subject, which is good value.

Gary Olsen

BBC Genome: BBC One – 21st September 1993 – 20:30

In the next episode, a competitor of Ben’s keeps taking his jobs. He’s a Trekker, played by Roger Lloyd Pack – with Gary Olsen the second familiar face from yesterday’s tape.

Klinger the Trekker

When he dies, Ben has to arrange the funeral, and everyone has to dress as Star Trek characters. And at the reading of the will, it’s revealed that he’s not dead at all, and it’s all a big joke on Ben.

Reading the will

Also, Rona and Bill try to get a loan from the bank for their business, meeting with Annette Badland.

Annette Badland

BBC Genome: BBC One – 5th October 1993 – 20:30

In the next episode, the family go on holiday to Miami. In the middle of a hurricane. Ed Bishop pops up presenting the Weather Channel.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 12th October 1993 – 20:30

After this, there’s a very weird glimpse of an ident – not sure what this is in aid of.

BBC One Two

(Asking on Twitter reminds me that this logo was used in Inside Victor Lewis Smith. I should have realised this, as that’s what the tape label originally read.)

Then there’s a bit of TOTP2 featuring Jilted John, The Commodores, The Rolling Stones (David Fincher’s video for Love is Strong).

Then, to the movies, with High Noon, an arty, black & white remake of the classic Sean Connery SF thriller Outland.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 26th September 1994 – 23:10

After this, there’s a trailer for Paul Merton Live at the London Palladium, and for a Sportsnight Special.

Then, after the weather, there’s a ‘lock up your valuables’ victom blaming PSA, and then BBC1 closes down, with David Miles wishing us all a good night.

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