KYTV – Have I Got News For You – tape 1584

A bumper crop for fans of Angus Deayton on this tape, with two of his greatest successes.

The tape opens with the end of Gardner’s World. Quite a lot of it actually. BBC 2 was running later than scheduled because of the earlier live coverage of the Leeds International Piano Festival.

It’s the first episode in a new series of KYTV, with their prestigious new production of David Chizzlenut. There’s an all start cast, including Robin Bailey

Robin Bailey

Helen Atkinson Wood channelling Sharon Stone.

Helen Atkinson Wood

I like their Carlton TV inspired stings.

KYTV Carlton

Here’s Geoffrey Perkins, more usually behind the scenes as one of the great comedy producers. Much missed.

Geoffrey Perkins

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 17th September 1993 – 22:00

The next episode sees KYTV revisting the sixties. There’s a glimpse of Trevor Cooper as the drummer of a sixties band gone slightly to seed.

Trevor Cooper

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 24th September 1993 – 22:00

Next, it’s a fly on the wall documentary about a family. Mark Benton makes a brief appearance as a policeman.

Mark benton

And it wouldn’t be a 90s BBC comedy without an appearance by the lovely Geoffrey McGivern (as an undertaker).

Geoffrey McGivern

There’s a brilliant scene where the family are travelling to scatter the ashes of their departed grandmother, and father of the household Deayton gets angry with presenter Mike Flex because he keeps singing. The last straw is when he starts singing the Spitting Image chicken song. KYTV’s own Philip Pope wrote the music for that classic, with lyrics by Red Dwarf’s Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.

Deayton gets so cross with Flex (Perkins) that he gets out of the car while it’s still driving – which he can do because it’s being filmed on a low-loader.

Low Loader

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 1st October 1993 – 22:00

The next episode is a look forward to the year 2000.

2000 'n' Whither

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 8th October 1993 – 22:00

Before the next episode, there’s the end of a programme presenting opera is a ‘modern’ way. Genome says it’s Animated Arias.

Modern Opera

Then there’s a short Poems on the Box.

Then. more KYTV, with their Crimewatch knock-off Hot Crimes.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 15th October 1993 – 22:00

And the next episode is a Holiday special.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 22nd October 1993 – 22:00

After this, there’s an episode of Have I Got News For You to continue the Angus Deayton comedy vibe.

This is the special episode dedicated to the life of Margaret Thatcher, with guests Derek Hatton

Derek Hatton

and Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie

It’s a bit uncomfortable. Hatton and Currie hate each other. Hatton tries to do some jokes, and they fall a bit flat. Currie keeps giving some inside gossip, but always in the most patronising way possible.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 29th October 1993 – 22:00

After this, there’s a trailer for Inside Victor Lewis Smith. And a trailer for The Larry Sanders Show.

Then the recording stops and underneath there’s a music show, with some jazz. The tape ends after a bit of this programme.



  1. “KYTV” recycled a few too many jokes from “Radio Active” for me to really enjoy it (in one episode of “Radio Active” their financial editor is called John Travolta, for “KYTV” he became Jason Donovan because it was a bit less up-to-date at the time, though ironically Travolta’s still more famous these days than Donovan is…). Also, the whole “KY telly” thing isn’t really as easy to get as “Radio Active.”

    1. It’s fairly common for Radio to TV transfers to recycle a lot of material. Look at Alan Partridge. The radio audience is so much smaller so fewer people would spot the reuse.

      KY Telly is a weaker pun, but they clearly needed something to satirise Sky. It definitely seems like a name that was bashed into shape, rather than a simple pun.

  2. Ian and Paul have both said that was the worst HIGNFY ever, thanks to the two guests being hopeless, and a topical news quiz on the news from a decade ago is a bit pointless.

    I went to see the Radio Active reunion this year, which reminded me what wonderful performers the team are, especially Angus who should be on telly much more. I was always very fond of KYTV but that third series was never repeated in full on the BBC, some of them were never shown again and the only one from that series I remember seeing again was the fly on the wall parody, which is probably my least favourite because I think the tragedies that befall the family are too horrible to be funny.

    It reminds me of Barry Cryer saying “A bucket of blood is funny, a trickle of blood is nasty and worrying.” When one of the famiy has their leg amputated in this one it’s scary and unsettling rather than amusing.

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