The Story Of CC – tape 1582

Another non-TV tape here, this one from a slightly older vintage, but still while I was at Computer Concepts. This one is a slightly more polished affair, as I was clearly playing with some computer titling effects.

Copyright message

Look at that gorgeous text. Pixels? What pixels?

Ready in Two Weeks

There’s “amusing” captions for many of my co-workers. Here’s Chris Honey, expert hardware designer. He used to work for Alan Sugar at Amstrad on his home computers.

Chris Honey

Charles Moir owned the company. He started it from his bedroom, writing software like Wordwise, and publishing utility ROM software like Disc Doctor. The company was so successful that he was able to buy the stately home you saw above, Gaddesden Place, location for several major motion pictures and TV shows.

Charles Moir

Apart from Charles, Phil Martin is the only developer from this period who is still working at what’s now called Xara, although I believe he now works remotely, not at Gaddesden Place.

Phil Martin

Mark Goodall was another developer, one of the principal developers on Impression, our RISC OS Desktop Publishing package (as mentioned in a recent entry).

Mark Goodall

Dave Devorchick was a junior developer at this time, and the last I heard, he was working at Microsoft in the US.

Dave Devorchick

The video also contains footage of a Christmas party, an earlier vintage than the one on a previous tape. I won’t force that on you.



  1. Hi,

    I worked at CC on Impression with Mark Goodall and Charles from 1988 to 1989, I’d love to get a copy of this!

    Best regards,


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