Film 93 – tape 1588

More film reviews from the reliable Barry Norman. In the first episode, Barry reviews:

Tom Brook talks to Tony Scott, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette about True Romance.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th September 1993 – 23:00

In the next episode, there are reviews of:

Barry talks to Maggie Smith about her new film, The Secret Garden.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 4th October 1993 – 23:00

The next episode sees reviews of

Tom Brook talks to Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver about Dave. “Do you think the popularity of the Dave character in the film reflects a desire in America for a really populist president?” Chilling words of prophecy from Tom Brook there.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 11th October 1993 – 23:00

In the next episode, Barry looks at:

Tom Brooks talks to casr and crew of Demolition Man. And Barry talks to Mike Leigh and David Thewlis about Naked.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 18th October 1993 – 23:00

Next, there are reviews for the following films:

The studio guest is Anthony Hopkins, talking about The Remains of the Day.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 25th October 1993 – 23:10

Before the next episode, there’s the end of an episode of House of Cards. There’s a trailer for The Buddha of Suburbia. And a trailer for Black Rainbow.

Then, more reviews from Barry Norman, of the following films:

There’s a rundown of films at the London Film Festival. Plus short tributes to River Phoenix and Federico Fellini, who both died that week.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 1st November 1993 – 23:10

After this, recording continues with a trailer for Between The Lines.

Then, the start of a programme called Careering Ahead which starts with an item on workplace bullying. The tape ends after a few minutes of this.


One comment

  1. If was the President -Elect was like Dave rather than the prez in that movie.

    “Black Rainbow” was an interesting movie.

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