Two Golden Balls – The South Bank Show – tape 1812

Here’s a rather odd Screen One film, Two Golden Balls. It’s about an anti-pornography campaigner who has a change of view.

It stars Claire Skinner as Linda Leveller, the naive anti-porn campaigner who’s arrested during a protest, and sentenced to three months in prison.

Claire Skinner

In prison she’s put in a cell with Kim Catrall, who happens to be a porn star. The prison has surprising loose dress codes.

Kim Catrall and Claire Skinner

It’s a very talky, polemical film about women embracing their sexuality and taking control of the production of their own films.

However, it does start Claire Skinner, with whom I went to school when we were both very young, and (as I’ve recounted here before) we used to spend hours writing and performing little plays for the class. I looked on this time as an excuse to get out of the boring lessons. She used it as a training ground for a brilliant career. I’ll let you decide which of us used that time the best.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 18th September 1994 – 21:10

After this, it’s over to LWT for The South Bank Show and a look at the career and life of Kenneth Williams.

Contributions from Barbara Windsor, who tells of her first honeymoon, with Ronnie Knight, where Kenneth Williams went on honeymoon with them, along with his mother and sister.

Barbara Windsor

Robert Stephens

Robert Stephens

Barry Took

Barry Took

Carry On producer Peter Rogers

Peter Rogers

Hancock writer Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson

Sheila Hancock

Sheila Hancock

Fenella Fielding

Fenella Fielding

John Lahr

John Lahr

Peter Nichols

Peter Nichols

After this there’s a trailer for a programme called Missing, then the recording stops. A short tape today.



  1. “In prison she’s put in a cell with Kim Catrall, who happens to be a porn star.”

    “You have been found guilty of starring in ‘Mannequin,’ and are hereby sentenced to…”

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