Day: December 9, 2016

Survivors – tape 1606

Sticking with the 1970s po-faced eco-disaster theme for another tape, and staying on UK Gold, more from Terry Nation’s Survivors.

There’s a bit of classic Eastenders first, with Dot and Ethel looking after a baby.

Then, the episode Garland’s War, from series one, so Terry Nation is still writing the scripts. Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour) is still looking for her son, with Greg Preston (Ian McCulloch), Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming) and her two children. They visit a man and young boy, whose name is Peter, but it’s not her son.

She’s about to give up the search and settle, when Jenny tells her about a settlement some miles away where there are some children her son’s age, and she goes to visit them. They don’t look friendly, judging by the group of armed men chasing another man through the woods.

The pursued man meets Abby in her jeep and the two are chased and shot at. Not a good way to meet the neighbours.

He’s Jimmy Garland, and he says he’s ‘at war’ with the people who were after him. Her jeep has a flat tyre and no spare, so he offers to help her find a new car. He’s the fourth Earl of Waterhouse, and owns the big house where the other people are stying, and he’s at war because he disputes their right to live there.

He takes Abby to his ‘den’ where he’s been hiding from the men after him. While he’s out stealing another jeep, they find his hideout, and Abby.

They’re led by Knox, played by Peter Jeffreys. When he explains his view of the situation, he seems very reasonable. Garland wasn’t prepared to just be a member of the community. He insisted that nobody else be allowed to live in the house, and he had to be paid in food and amenities. He wanted to be Lord of the Manor again.

Peter Jeffreys

Abby goes back to Garland, persuades him to talk to Knox, but Knox isn’t as friendly as he seemed, and immediately starts beating him up to find out where he’s keeping the woman he kidnapped, while they were keeping Abby.

Abby is released, and gets Greg and Jenny to help. They overpower Knox and his men, and lock them in a hut. Greg has a very cool way of riding shotgun in the jeep.

Greg's riding shotgun

Garland won’t join the group, as his war’s not over.

Before the next episode there’s more classic Eastenders. All those familiar faces.

The next episode is Starvation, written by Jack Ronder.

Abby has decided to give up looking for her son, and they are going to find somewhere to start a settlement.

There are packs of dogs around, keeping the group in their van. I have to say, the friendliest looking pack of wild dogs I’ve seen in a while. The ones they got for later seasons were a bit scarier.


Abby helps an old woman who was menaced by the dogs. She meets a familiar face, Tom Price (Talfryn Thomas), who had left her group to join up with “Wormley and his thugs” from a few episodes previously. He’s just met a young woman who looks after the older woman, who stole some fish from him, so he’s after her.

Tom Price

He goes hunting pigeon. There’s some classic 1970s video noise caused by the shotgun sound. This isn’t from my recording, it was on the original videotape.

Video Noise

They lock Tom in his van, and go to cook the pigeon and fish. Tom’s such a pathetic character that their treatment of him almost seems like bullying, but he’s also a bully in his way. That’s what always makes me uncomfortable about this show – nobody can really be perfectly good or decent.

Greg and Jenny eventually get out of the van, when the dogs drift off, and they investigate the big house for food. They find another man there hiding from the dogs, and Abby and the two women (plus Tom Price in the van) find them. By the end of the episode, they’ve decided to settle there.

More Eastenders before the next episode, which is called Spoil of War. The settlement is getting started. Jenny and Abby are trying to get a horse to pull a plough with little success when they are visited by a passing troubador.


He’s Paul, and he knows plenty about running farmland.

They are also joined by a woman who’s driving her former boss around. He’s still under the impression he should be in charge of everything.

Tom and his friend go back to a quarry where Greg had found some supplies, and left a man with severe leg injuries – later, the woman he was with told Greg he had died. But he was still at the quarry, keeping everyone away with a rifle. He’s a bit eaten up with desire for revenge.

Vic Thatcher

After this, recording continues with an episode of For the Love of Ada, a sitcom with Irene Handl and Wilfred Pickles.

Then, a slightly more modern sitcom, You Must Be The Husband, starring Tim Brooke Taylor, Diane Keen, Sheila Steafel and Garfield Morgan. Tim suddenly forgets to play golf, so he books in to a golf clinic. His wife thinks it’s a different kind of clinic. They manage to get through this entire episode without every saying the word ‘sex’ which demonstrates good writing on the part of Colin Bostock-Smith.

The tape ends during this episode.


  • trail: The Woman in Red
  • trail: Coma
  • Sega MegaCD
  • Sharp ViewCam
  • Family Channel – Tony Slattery, Trivial Pursuit
  • Daily Mail
  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Pop Tarts
  • Lunn Poly
  • Radion Colour
  • Flash
  • Pantene
  • Anadin Extra
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  • Disco Divas
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