It’s Garry Shandling’s Show – tape 1809

More from It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. Garry and his friends are playing Mah Jongg, so he has a Chinese version of his theme song.

Chinese Theme Song

Next, after learning that the Schumachers are expecting another baby, Garry decides to be a big brother to a young boy.

Next, a repeat of the episode with Sheena Easton and Whale Watching.

In the next episode, Martin Mull comes to Garry to ask him to play in his golfing benefit.

Martin Mull

Next, Garry’s mother wants to revive her singing career. It’s a little embarrassing for Garry.

Then, a doctor writes to Garry telling him he should have the growth on his neck looked at. This episode was directed by Thomas Schlamme, one of the key directors on The West Wing.

The next episode is the first in a new season, and Garry visits the head of the network, who’s meeting with Henry Winkler.

Henry Winkler

This is also the episode where Jessica Harper joins the cast as Garry’s new girlfriend Phoebe Bass.

Jessica Harper

In the next episode, Garry is worried that Grant Schumacher, now a High School football star, is on steroids. Surprisingly grim for this show.

After this, some strange VCR shenanigans. We get the start of another episode, with Garry in a hot tub, and his neighbours doing a talent show for his boss Mr Stravely from the network. But there’s about 5 minutes of this before that recording stops, and underneath, another episode, still in progress, just after the opening credits. But that recording itself only lasts for a minute, before that one stops as well, and there’s yet a third episode underneath, which starts with Martin Mull complaining about a bill for $3000 from Phoebe (Jessica Harper) who bought him a chair. Then they’re at a fundraising for Mull’s charity Boysville.

And yet that one also gets cut off. Underneath this is an even briefer clip, which could be another episode – it’s just a shot of a TV with what looks like it’s supposed to be a horror film – a man shambles through smoke, says “I am the embodiment of Terror. I am Nathan.” and opens his jacket up to reveal lost of knives. But it cuts off there.

I Am Nathan

The episode underneath sees Garry, Phoebe and his agent (Bruno Kirby) talking to an older comic, Eddie King. He’s an actor I recognise, but can’t put a name to.

The Unknown Actor

The episode is called Dinner at Eddie King’s House, iMDb credits “Eddy King” as Bruce Kirby (which I misread as Bruno Kirby, confusingly). And there’s no excuse for getting the name of the character wrong as it’s written on the back of the director’s chair he sits in, and also in the credits of one of his old programmes.

Eddie King

This episode, at least, runs to completion, and is the last thing on this tape. I still don’t understand why there’s so many episodes partially overwritten there.


  • trail: Times Square
  • trail: Chastity
  • trail: thirtysomething
  • Craftmatic Adjustable Bed
  • trail: Spanish Fly
  • trail; Times Square
  • trail: Contraband Spain
  • trail: Get Music
  • Cadbury’s Fingers – Michael Barrymore


  1. Just as a matter of curiosity, what’s going to happen to your tapes once you’ve finished examining them?

    1. I don’t know yet. I’d like to somehow recycle them, but there doesn’t appear to be anywhere that recycles VHS tapes. If they were of any historic value, I’d be happy to donate them to an archive. But I suspect they’ll all end up in a landfill somewhere.

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