LA Law – tape 1800

Some late-period LA Law now, from Sky One.

Martin Mull plays a travel agent who kept booking a couple into warzones.

Martin Mull

Alan Rosenberg plays a new regular, offered a position at the firm. Leland offers to recommend him for membership of his private club, but he wonders if they’d welcome a Jewish member.

And Lucy Liu plays a chinese woman whose husband died when travelling to the US as refugees.

Lucy Liu

The next episode features guest appearances by Jerry Stiller

Jerry Stiller

William H Macy plays a poetry publisher

William H Macy

In the third episode, there’s a man who pretended to be a policeman, and there’s a cheeky quotation of the Hill Street Blues theme at one point.

In the next episode, Roy Dotrice plays a Ballet Choreographer

Roy Dotrice

James Cromwell plays an attorney.

James Cromwell

Also appearing is juggler Michael Moschen, who (trivia fans) played David Bowie’s hands in Labyrinth when he was manipulating those glass balls.

Michael Moschen

After this episode, the recording continues with the start of an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.


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