Sunday Night Clive – Film 94 – Quantum Leap – The Net – tape 1771

First, there’s an episode of Sunday Night Clive. Jo Brand is the news commentator this week.

Jo Brand

Margarita Pracatan provides more music and a live satellite interview.

Margarita Pracatan

Stephen Fry is the studio guest

Stephen Fry

BBC Genome: BBC One – 10th April 1994 – 22:00

Before the next programme there’s a trailer for The Riff Raff Element. And for QED about a convicted murderer who’s breeding Tilapia to help world famine.

Then, it’s an episode of Film 94 in which Barry Norman reviews the following films:

There’s a location report on Four Weddings and a Funeral.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 11th April 1994 – 23:05

After this, recording switches, and there’s the end of an episode of Home Front.

Then there’s a trailer for Sarafina!

Then a trailer for The Team They Wouldn’t Play about the boycott of the South African Cricket Team.

Then, another episode of Quantum LeapBlood Moon. All thinks Sam has leaped into a vampire. Guest Starring Garry Shandling favourite Ian Buchanan.

Ian Buchanan

It has all the hallmarks of a Halloween episode, but according to iMDb it went out in February. Still, it’s an enjoyable slice of hokum, with a nice final gag.

By the way, can you imagine a TV show getting away with the length of end credits Quantum Leap regularly has. They’re endless. I wonder if they were just rubbish at making a show that runs to time/

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 12th April 1994 – 21:00

After this, there’s a trailer for The Net (see below) and the start of a trailer for BBC2 which I’m slightly annoyed I don;t have in full, as it had loads of TVs showing loads of BBC2 logos.

Then recording switches to the afore-mentioned episode of The Net. It’s almost quaint how much of the new technology they have to explain in detail.

There’s a report on the far-right German neo-nazis and their use of online services. Another sad reflection of the present day.

Wolfgang Henning ‘doesn’t hide his loathsome views’ – nor his equally loathsome moustache.

A German Neo Nazi

The next segment is about music in video games. “Most kids’ video games have really dull music. The same little bleeps and blips repeat over and over until you get to the next level. Games for adults are getting more sophisticated.”

The ‘adult game’ used for illustration is ‘Double Switch’ – a tacky-looking FMV game from the people who brought you ‘Night Trap’. Very sophisticated indeed. We’re all still humming the music from ‘Double Switch’ and nobody remembers the Super Mario music today.

I shouldn’t mock. This is the very famous music person Thomas Dolby talking. He’s looking at the difficulty of producing a soundtrack that changes with the game.

Thomas Dolby

Game Reviewer Jules looks at Super Mario Land 3. I don’t think I ever liked this style of presentation.

Jules on Super Mario Land 3

Next, an earnest Susan Rae talks to the worlds most experienced net surfer Davey Winder. You can tell he’s a serious net surfer simply by counting his piercings. He sounds frighteningly like Matthew Holness’s obnoxious IT guy from The Office.

Davey Winder

This is 1994, so the Internet isn’t necessarily the World Wide Web. Davey’s old-school so he prefers Gopher.

1994 Internet

The next segment looks at the state of virtual reality. Virtuality was a UK company at the forefront of the imminent massive virtual reality boom that never seemed to happen. It’s 22 years later and VR is still just on the cusp of being huge.

Still, if it’s all blokes in suits doing shadow boxing, I’m quite happy it never took off.


The last item is a computer nose that can smell wine.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 13th April 1994 – 20:00

Before the next episode there’s the end of and episode of East.

There’s a trailer for Later with Jools Holland featuring Elvis Costello.

Then, another episode of The Net. It opens with a look at computers in under-5s education. I think I might have spotted an Archimedes there – red function keys.

Young Computer Users

There’s an interview with Bill Gates.

Bill Gates

Ben Woolley is very sniffy about Windows, and Microsoft overall. They mention the next version of windows, codenamed ‘Chicago’ which would launch over a year later as Windows 95.

Jules reviews a game on the Mac. Yes, they did exist.

There’s a piece about software for choreographers.


Susan Rae looks at free software. There’s a biker theme going on here.

Susan Rae

Peter Bayley, of Lotus, really ought to have said no to having his piece to camera delivered astride a static motorcycle in front of a bluescreen.

Peter Bayley

Inevitably, Richard Stallman is interviewed. I notice he doesn’t have to ride the motorbike.

Richard Stallman

After the credits, there’s Carly the dog whose picture was, apparently, well travelled. Her owner was clearly an Acorn fan. Looks like a RSIC PC to me.


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th May 1994 – 20:00

After this programme, recording continues, with a trailer for Ethan Frome.

Then, there’s a ‘lost’ episode of Steptoe and Son. It’s called Without Prejudice.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th May 1994 – 20:30

After this, there’s a trailer for Late Flowering Lust. Then the start of a Screen Two film, Ethan Frome starring Liam Neeson and Patricia Arquette. The tape ends during this film.


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