LA Law – tape 1765

Straight into an episode of LA Law now, called Outward Bound, and Benny is playing the cowardly lion in a production of The Wizard of Oz.

Benny the Lion

Mike is representing a gay man who was outed in the press. This is such a new thing that the show has to explain, in dialogue, what outing is.

He also drops the bombshell that he’s decided to move back to New York to be with his dying father.

So Leland offers Grace a job at the firm.

Arnie is in a relationship, but when she suggests getting married, he immediately has a fling with his former assistant. Roxanne quite rightly tells him he’s being a scumbag.

This episode was on Channel 4 – I had forgotten the show was ever on C4 – my previous recordings were all either Thames or Sky.

And that’s all there is on this tape. A rare short tape, as I usually liked to fill them up.


  • trail: Passengers

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