The Simpsons – Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – tape 1774

Here’s a few episodes of The Simpsons, with a random Deep Space Nine in the middle.

First, Homer Loves Flanders. Homer wants tickets to a football game, so he sucks up to Flanders for his.

Two Tickets to Paradise

In Bart Gets an Elephant, Bart gets an elephant. Featuring a guest appearance from Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton

After this, recording continues for a bit with the start of an episode of Beverly Hills 90210.

Then, recording switches to later, and there’s a brief Sky News Headlines, leading with the death of Ayrton Senna in San Marino.

Then, an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine with Cardassians. This precedes the episodes I most recently looked at. Bashir is talking to Garak, baiting him as to whether he’s just a shopkeeper, or whether he’s actualy a spy. A young Cardassian boy sits nearby, and when Garak goes to talk to him, the boy bites him on the hand.

Gul Dukat is worried that the Bajorans, who are looking after Cardassian war orphans, have been indoctrinating them against their own species. In turn, the Bajoran parent of the boy says he thinks of the boy as Bajoran.

Bashir hears otherwise from an eyewitness who says the boy is mistreated. It’s becoming a bit of a diplomatic incident.

The boy, Rugel, is quartered with Chief O’Brien and Keiko. She kindly makes some Cardassian stew for him. O’Brien doesn’t think much of it.

Cardassian Stew

Rugel tells O’Brien that he wants to go home to Bajor. The Cardassians have traced his real father. At the same time Garak asks to go to Bajor to find out more about Rugel’s adoption. Something about the fact that Rugel’s father happens to be a political rival to Gul Dukat is worrying Garak.

Rugel’s father is keen to take Rugel home, but Rugel wants to return to Bajor. There’s a hearing, at which Gul Dukat sits in.

Bashir and Garak find out that Rugel was brought to the orphan centre by a Cardassian officer. They surmise that Gul Dukat faked the boy’s death and falsified his adoption, in order that he might have some leverage over his enemy at a later time, like now.

Not a bad episode, and Andrew Robinson as Garak is always fun to watch.

Andrew Robinson

Then, More Simpsons with Burns’ Heir, in which Mr Burns decides hs needs an heir to which to bequeath his empire when he dies.

Mr Burns

Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song was the programme’s hundredth episode, hence this chalkboard gag.

Meaningless Milestones

After this, recording stops. Underneath, there’s part of an episode of Highlander.  Then a whole episode of Melrose Place, before the tape ends.


  • Corn Flakes
  • Irn Bru
  • trail: Beverly Hills 90210
  • Coca Cola
  • My Little Angel
  • Synergie
  • Dance Zone
  • trail: Superbikes
  • trail: Summer on Sky
  • Lion Bar
  • Whiskas
  • Hovis
  • My Father The Hero in cinemas
  • Johnson’s Baby moisturising bath
  • L’Oreal Elseve
  • trail: Sky News
  • Uncle Bens
  • trail: Summer on Sky
  • trail: Blockbusters
  • Apple Tango
  • Dance Zone
  • Johnson’s Clean & Clear
  • Whiskas
  • Flowers Draught
  • trail: Last of the Mohicans
  • trail: She Wolf of London
  • Coca Cola
  • Mars Dark & Light
  • Ariel Color
  • Gino Ginelli
  • Max Factor
  • Jif
  • trail: Superbikes
  • trail: Highlander
  • trail: Gino Ginelli
  • Lion Bar
  • Johnson’s Baby Bath
  • Comfort
  • Toshiba
  • ITC
  • trail: Late Night with David Letterman
  • trail: Bob Roberts
  • trail: Holiday Monday
  • Milk
  • Nat West
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • Nesquik
  • trail: The Untouchables
  • trail: She Wold of London
  • Holsten Pils – Jeff Goldblum
  • Haynes Manuals
  • Halifax
  • trail: Tomorrow on Sky
  • Sky News Headlines
  • trail: Blockbusters
  • Holsten Pils – Jeff Goldblum
  • Liptonice
  • St Ivel Mono
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Holsten Pils – Jeff Goldblum
  • trail: football
  • trail: The Diary of Jack the Ripper
  • My Father The Hero in cinemas
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • trail: A Comedy Every Night in May
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • British Meat
  • Speed Kills
  • Sky Text
  • trail: Late Night with David Letterman
  • trail: Holiday Monday
  • Always
  • Lenor
  • ITC

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