NYPD Blue – tape 1695

Here’s a few episodes of NYPD Blue. It’s the David Caruso period. Episode codes #5102, #5103, #5105/5106 and #5110.

David Schwimmer turns up in a supporting role.

Davids Schwimmer and Caruso

as does Wendi Malick from Dream On

Wendie Malick

I do apologise, but I’m still not really interested enough to watch the shows in depth.

After the last episode, recording stops, and underneath there is part of the movie Shame – not the one where Michael Fassbender gets his tackle out, but the 1988 Australian film about a woman who arrives in a town and uncovers a serious problem with rape. It stars Deborrah-Lee Furness as a brilliant, biking, arse-kicking hero, as befits the woman with Wolverine himself as her husband.

Deborrah Lee Furness

The tape ends after about 25 minutes of the film.


  • Halls Soothers
  • Ford
  • AA Autoquote
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • Hanson
  • DHL
  • BT
  • Rover
  • Audi
  • Theramed
  • Sinutab
  • Allied Dunbar
  • Canada
  • Renault Clio
  • Alpen
  • Sanatogen
  • Spain
  • RAC
  • Commercial Union
  • trail: Time Team
  • Clerical Medical
  • AA Autoquote
  • Radio Times
  • trail: Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush
  • trail: The Pope Must Die
  • Metro Tahiti
  • Shredded Wheat
  • Thomson
  • Batchelor’s Noodles
  • Daily Express
  • Family Credit
  • Nissan Primera
  • Flora
  • Direct Debit
  • Ariston
  • British Airways
  • Scandinavian Seaways
  • Allinson
  • Options
  • St Ivel Gold
  • Radox
  • St Ivel Shape
  • Peugeot 306
  • Sinday Times Visa Card
  • Gillette Gel
  • Kleenex
  • Bodyform
  • PG Tips
  • Vitalite
  • trail: Without Walls
  • trail: The Brief

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