Star Trek – Deep Space Nine – tape 1656

Four episodes of Deep Space Nine on this tape, from earlier, judging by Sisko’s haircut.

In Melora, a new cartographer arrives, from a planet with very low gravity, so DS9 has to make the station wheelchair accessible.

Daphne Ashbrook plays Melora. She was the co-star in the ill-fated American Doctor Who TV movie with Paul McGann.

Daphne Ashbrook

It’s an interesting, if heavy handed attempt to address disability rights. Naturally, Bashir falls for her, as he tends to with everyone.

Meanwhile, Quark meets someone from his past. He says he’s come to kill Quark.

Murderous Alien

Bashir takes Melora out for some Klingon cuisine.

Klingon Food Court

It’s not long before there’s some low gravity smooching.

Low Gravity Smooch

Quark’s alien visitor was sent to jail after a robbery that Quark was involved in.

Bashir finds some research that might mean Melora can adapt to the higher gravity. But she starts having second thoughts. And then Quark’s enemy takes him hostage after killing another man, then tries to escape on Melora and Dax’s shuttle, leading to a bit of a stand-off before the situation is resolved.

Next it’s Rules of Acquisition. A Ferengi episode. No, please, tell me again how this made up alien culture can teach us about our own failings and frailties.

It guest stars Wallace Shawn as the Grand Nagus.

Grand Nagus

A younger Ferengi, Pel, is working as a waiter. But he’s full of good advice, and helps Quark out with some negotiations with some violent aliens. But he’s got a secret – and there’s a Crying Game style revelation.


Next, Necessary Evil. Quark is on Bajor. A woman wants him to recover something from her dead husband’s shop on DS9. When he tries, Quark is nearly killed, and Odo thinks it relates to a case from back when the Cardassians still ran the station. The Cardassians clearly prefer a bluer colour temperature for their lighting scheme.

Blue Light Special

The next episode is Second Sight. It’s the fourth anniversary of the battle of Wolf 359. A strange woman, Fenna (Salli Elise Richardson) meets Sisko as he’s pondering life.

Sallie Elise Richardson

There must be a name for the trope of the mysterious person who keeps appearing to our hero and vanishing suddenly.

Also on the station is a renowned terraformer, Seyatik, played by Richard Kiley (who I only know as the man who did the narration for the Jurassic Park jeeps – ‘spared no expense’).

Richard Kiley

Things get a little complicated when he introduces the crew to his wife – who is the same woman Sisko kept meeting. But she doesn’t seem to recognise him. And Odo says that only Seyatik disembarked his vessel. No other passengers arrived with him.

Then Sisko meets Fenna again, who knows nothing about her doppelganger. They kiss, and she disappears. I’d call that mixed signals.

Fenna is a telepathic projection conjured by Seyatik’s wife, something that only happens when she’s under stress. He’s a blowhard egotist, so we’re led to assume that’s why she’s unhappy. But because her race mates for life, she’s trapped with him, and because of this, she’s dying.

So, in an uncharacteristcally selfless act, Seyatik takes the shuttle that’s primed to deliver protomatter onto a planet to form a new star, and pilots it himself, literally going out in a blaze of glory. This frees his wife, but she then doesn’t remember anything that Fenna did. I’m not entirely sure what message we’re meant to take from this story/

After the last episode, there’s the start of an episode of Highlander. Then the tape ends.


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One comment

  1. Kiley also provided the narration at the start of “Howard The Duck,” and took part in many cops’ fantasy when he played a deputy Commissioner of Police on “Columbo’ who the great man arrested for killing his wife.

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