X Men – tape 1691

Back to Sky One saturday mornings, with a glimpse of the always uninspiring DJ Kat before an episode of the animated X Men cartoon.

The first episode here is Reunion part One. Professor X and Magneto are still in the Savage Lands. This one’s written by Len Wein, the co-creator of the new X-Men team.

Written by Len Wein

After this episode, recording continues, with, of all things, a TV series version of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. No, wait, it might be great, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer was.

It’s co-produced by Joel Surnow, later to co-create 24. This seems an odd starting point.

If it matter to anyone, this episode is Nail The Conquering Hero.

I don’t want to disparage working actors, but I’ve seen cosplay that look better than this.

Bill and Ted

Bill and Ted work at Nail World, with an annoying boss who’s desperate to suck up to the owner of the store. This boss gets into the phone booth time machine and goes back to medieval England just as Arthur is pulling Excalibur from the stone. For weak reasons he hands the sword to the annoying manager.


I wonder if the people making this really thought they were on to a winner?

After this, recording continues a bit longer with the start of an episode of Power Rangers, but then the recording stops. It’s a short tape today.


  • Clarks Megaware
  • Coco Pops
  • Aliens – yes, a range of toys based on that famous 18 rated movie.

  • Sharwoods
  • Glade Plug ins
  • Pantene
  • Chicken Tonight
  • Surf Micro
  • Pop Tarts
  • Milk
  • Car Crime
  • Transformers Generation 2
  • 100% Rap
  • McDonalds

One comment

  1. Ugh, the live action series. I doubt I was the only person to watch the cartoon and be disgusted when the voices of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter (and George Carlin and Bernie Casey) got replaced by the ones of their non-union Mexican equivalents up there that to the ‘Toon changing networks from CBS to Fox and jumping from Hanna-Barbera to DiC. It was not an Improvement.

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