Sunday Night Clive – tape 1651

I love Clive James so it’s nice to get some episodes of Sunday Night Clive, a radical rebranding of his popular programme Saturday Night Clive.

Jack Dee is a guest to comment on the week’s news stories.

Jack Dee

Via Satellite, he talks to interviewer to the stars, Linda Tallen. He has a knack for finding these slightly offbeat characters, and we’ll see one of his favourites later.

Linda Tallen

His special guest is Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

The show closes with a musical number from a Clive James favourite, Margarita Pracatan.

Margarita Pracatan

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th February 1994 – 22:10

Before the next episode, there’s the end of the news and weather. There’s a trailer for the Terry Wogan ethical conundrum panel show Do The Right Thing. Then a trailer for Five nations rugby.

Then more from Sunday Night Clive.

Ruby Wax discusses the news.

Ruby Wax

LaToya Jackson dishes the dirt on brother Michael and her feud with the family.

LaToya Jackson

Studio guest is the always lovely Michael Palin.

Michael Palin

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th February 1994 – 22:00

The next episode features American humorist Dave Barry

Dave Barry

Also appearing is another Clive James favourite Super Dave Osborne

Super Dave Osborne

The studio guest is Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis

BBC Genome: BBC One – 13th March 1994 – 22:15

Next episode sees John Sessions reviewing the news.

John Sessions

Live by satellite is Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck

Lenny Henry is the studio guest.

Lenny Henry

BBC Genome: BBC One – 20th March 1994 – 21:05

A light aside: While I’ve been watching this tape, I’ve had a couple of strange coincidences. Literally ten minutes after I watched the segment with Super Dave Osborne, I came across this tweet.

Bob Einstein is the comedian who plays Super Dave. Then, not four tweets below this one, I saw someone retweet this:

Which is strange because Alastair Campbell had popped up yesterday on the Captain Scarlet tape.

And just now, as I’m watching the previous episode, this popped up:

I’m definitely getting a bit unnerved by all this synchronicity. I do hope I haven’t become the nexus of all known realities by accident.

Back to the tape, as there’s one more episode left, after the end of the news with Peter Sissons. I feel it’s slightly less of a coincidence that the news is all abour Europe, because I just happen to be watching a period where the EU was finally coming together, so all the news has a European tinge. Also, the frequent mentions of Bill and Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be surprising for the same reason.

News Studio

But I really hope that 2016 isn’t harking back so much to the mid-90s because I’m watching all this stuff. I’m not that solipsistic.

There’s weather from Richard Edgar, and a trail for Alan Bennett’s A Question of Attribution.

Then, another episode of Sunday Night Clive, with Julian Clary on news roundup duties, in place of the previously advertised Jonathan Ross.

Julian Clary

Next, Clive reminds us of the classic 60’s Batman series, with an interview with Robin himself Burt Ward.

Special guest tonight is a familiar one, as we saw some of this episode on an earlier tape, after Pie in the Sky. It’s Joan Collins.

Joan Collins

BBC Genome: BBC One – 27th March 1994 – 21:05

After this, there’s a trail for sport, then the start of Mastermind. The tape ends just as they’re getting into the general knowledge.



  1. I will NEVER forgive Clive James for inflicting Margarita Pracatan on us. I did enjoy “Super Dave” the cartoon, in spite of it being done by DiC and Channel 4 cutting the live action segments out.

    Oh, a couple of posts seem to be missing…

      1. That’s careless of me – they were in my scheduled queue, but I hadn’t hit ‘Schedule’ so they were sitting in draft form. Thanks for spotting it. I do make an effort to keep the posts going every day.

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