Captain Scarlet – tape 1689

There’s a bit of Snooker to open this tape, as Ronnie O’Sullivan (“A star of the future”) beats Steve Davis.

There’s a trail for some Rugby.

Then, Captain Scarlet with the episode Seek and Destroy. The Mysterons threaten to kill one of the angels. Destiny is on holiday in Paris, so is an obvious target.

Destiny Angel

The Mysterons have duplicated three Angel planes, and use them to attack Destiny (cnd Captain Scarlet of course) but the other angel pilots see them off.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 26th November 1993 – 18:00

Some Top Gear before the next episode, plus a trailer for films for Christmas on BBC2.

Then, Spectrum Strikes Back. There’s a conference in a hidden Spectrum base, during which the programme spends about five minutes demonstrating it going up and down out of the ground. This isn’t entirely padding – later, Colonel White and other Spectrum bigwigs are trapped in there as the roof slowly descends to crush them.

Scarlet Target

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 3rd December 1993 – 18:00

Before the next episode, there’s some Wallace and Gromit trailers, then the episode Avalanche. I’m really not sure we should be rooting for this person.

Might makes Right

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 10th December 1993 – 18:00

Another bit of Top Gear before the next episode, plus a trailer for The Wrong Trousers.

Then it’s Shadow of Fear.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 17th December 1993 – 18:00

Before the next episode, the end of The Quest for the Rose.

Then a trailer for Big Science.

Then The Trap in which a mysteron agent tries to lure an important world conference to a remote Scottish castle.

Remote Scottish Castle

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th January 1994 – 18:00

Before the next episode, the end of The Quest for the Rose, and a trailer for Comic Asides: Woodcock. Plus a trailer for kd lang on Unplugged.

Then, Special Assignment in which Captain Scarlet is given a special assignment. He has to suddenly, out of nowhere, develop a gambling habit, get deep into debt, then get kicked out of Spectrum. “I’m just plain old Paul Metcalfe now” The Mysterons want him to steal an SPV.

Watching the Angels launch – they sit in chairs which then rise up into the base of their planes – I’ve literally only just realised why all the Anderson shows had those elaborate platforms and conveyors to get the pilots into the ships. Obviously, it’s because it’s much easier than puppeteering a puppet to climb into a cockpit. I just assumed it was because it’s cool.

I’m very stupid.

Craptain Scarlet

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th January 1994 – 18:00

Top Gear again before the next episode, with a trailer for Life With Fred about inexplicable TV personality Fred Dibnah.

We’ve skipped forward a few weeks now for Flight to Atlantica. It’s Janet from accounting’s birthday today, so the office throw a little party.

Office Party

No actually, it’s a year since the formation of Spectrum, and everyone (except Colonel White) is having a party “with the help of a wellwisher who supplied the champagne”. Are they mad? You don’t eat Fan Food.

Oh no – it’s Mysteron champagne. Is not one person at this bash paying attention?

Mysteron Champagne

Colonel White crashes the party and totally shuts them down. Serves them right for not inviting him. But at least the champagne was totally non-alcoholic.

On a flight, Symphony Angel behaves strangely, almost crashing her plane, but makes no comment. Other Spectrum members appear to be very distracted on another mission. I guess if they weren’t so distracted they’d have noticed when Captain Black bumps into them in a hallway and rather obviously replaces one part of their orders with a fake.

Captain Black

Colonel White is gradually losing contact with all his agents. And the last straw is Lieutenant Green not comporting himself properly.

Laid Back Lieutenant Green

Captain Blue, under the influence of the Mysteron champagne, attacks a facility. Scarlet has to shoot his friend down, but at least he ejects to safety. And all’s well at the end as Colonel White throws a party with real champagne.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th March 1994 – 18:00

Top Gear again before the next episode, with Clarkson reviewing 4x4s – is that all he ever did?

There’s a trailer for Beloved Country: Township Tango.

Then, in Crater 101, a Mysteron complex is discovered on the far side of the moon. An oddly unconvincing miniature for the show.

Mysteron Complex

Captain Scarlet is briefed for the mission by Linda Nolan, who was project controller of the first Neptune probe launched from the moon. You can tell she’s a scientist because she wears glasses and short hair.

Linda Nolan

Her colleague is all sorts of inappropriate when Captain Scarlet leaves.

                  A brave man. And very good looking.


                  Captain Scarlet. 

                  Yes I suppose so. I didn't really notice.

                  Yes, Miss Nolan.

Well, he is a Mysteron agent after all.

Then it’s off to Moonbase. Their transport is some weird craft that actually hops over the moon’s surface.


The mission is a success, despite the evil Mysteron changing the timer on the atomic bomb and almost blowing up Captain Scarlet.

When they get back to moonbase, Linda Nolan has taken off her glasses, and this time, she declares that Scarlet is “so good looking.” Oh dear.

Why Miss Nolan Without Your Glasses You're

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th March 1994 – 18:00

I’ve always liked that one of the sculptors on the show is called Plugg Shutt.

After this episode, there’s a trailer for From A To B: Tales of Modern Motoring.

Then there’s the start of en episode of The Man From UNCLE before the recording stops.

Underneath, there’s some skiing, from Ski Sunday, followed by a trailer for The Day Today – looks like a trailer for the first in the series.

Then an episode of What the Papers Say starts. It’s presented by Alastair Campbell “of Today”. Presumably before he became Tony Blair’s press secretary. The tape ends after a few minutes.


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