Day: September 24, 2016

The Late Show With David Letterman – The Outer Limits – tape 1690

Here’s a few random episodes of The Last Show with David Letterman. For some reason these episodes were on a German language channel, so they are interspersed with German trailers.

First guest is Marv Albert, a US sports person.

Marv Albert

It’s a very awkward interview – they both seem to be having fun, but he keeps cracking jokes that don’t land at all in the studio.

Dave’s Mum is reporting from Lillyhammer and the Winter Olympics.

Dave's Mom

There’s music from Sinead O’Connor

Sinead O'Connor

The final guest is the wonderful Ricky Jay, who does some sleight of hand, including at one point getting his trick slightly wrong – he was supposed to cut four aces, but he cut two jacks and two queens. Interesting.

In the next episode, the first guest is Garry Shandling.

Garry Shandling

Music from Sting.


Then Nigel Mansell, at that time driving Indycar. He’s surprisingly funny.

Nigel Mansell

Next episode features Geena Davis

Geena Davis

and Aerosmith


They run out of time for their final guest. These shows are rather badly put together. Far too much time with Dave doing his stupid gags, at the expense of the guests.

After this, there’s an episode of the classic Outer Limits, with The Zanti Misfits, a tale of alien ‘misfits’ (or criminals) being shipped to Earth as a penal colony. Humanity has been ordered to accept the misfits, under threat of devastating attack.

They have to keep the landing area totally clear of people, but of course someone breaks through the corden. It’s a young Bruce Dern, a bad boy and the woman who has run off with him, Olive Deering.

Bruce Dern and Olive Deering

The army have to try to assure the Zanti that they aren’t there deliberately. But the Zanti definitely don’t like him creeping around their (surprisingly small) ship so they attack him.



The army have no choice, once the Zanti start attacking, to kill them all, and they are told by the Zanti home planet, that this was the plan all along.

After this, there’s most of an episode of Hill Street Blues before the tape ends.


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