Day: September 14, 2016

Horizon – Love Bites – tape 2433

This tape opens with the end of The Money Programme, talking about bankers’ bonuses. “These people get up every morning and go to work not just because they enjoy the work, but because they’re very well paid.” Funny how exactly the reverse argument is used when talking about poor people and benefits, or Junior Doctors.

There’s a trailer for Love Bites – Bumping the Odds – featuring Shirley Henderson.

Then, Horizon – Ice Mummies, a three part special, starts with The Ice Maiden, looking at the body of a woman preserved in ice in Siberia.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 7th December 1997 – 21:25

There’s another bit of The Money Programme before the next programme, plus a trailer for In Your Dreams.

Then the second of the Ice Mummies programmes. A body is discovered under the ice in the Alps. I’ve looked at the original broadcast of this before.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th December 1997 – 21:25

After this, there’s a trailer for Modern Times and a documentary about Prommers, the people who go to the proms regularly. As I recall, members of my family might have featured very briefly.

There’s a Christmas BBC2 bumper with Vic, Bob and Ulrika.

and a trailer for a season of French films.

Then recording continues with a one-off drama from the BBC2 Love Bites season called In Your Dreams. It starts off with a group of young men and, separately, a group of young women, talking about their travails with the opposite sex. It’s not helped by the men being medical students. “So when’s the last time you got this close to a naked woman?”

It’s strange the kinds of things that put you off a programme. Here’s it’s the fact that every single credit in the opening sequence uses a different font.

Thandie Newton and Oliver Milburn are meeting for a date. He’s only seeing her as a favour, but she used to have a crush on him from way back.

It’s trying for a bit of a fractured narrative, showing the odd flash-forward while their date is going on, and also playing with having the characters’ thoughts vocalised. “Garlic bread? Doesn’t she want to snog me?” It does, at least, allow the film to paint Milburn’s character as a git fairly clearly.

David Bradley pops up as a tutor.

David Bradley

The programme is keeping the key moment from us, as we see how the date goes, on to her saying goodbye after coffee, then him inveigling his way back into her room despite being obviously rebuffed.

The programme holds off the reveal of the final moments of the night itself in lieu of the rape trial, which becomes the usual he said she said, and I wonder if the film hasn’t got its structure all wrong, of if it’s just badly written, because at no point was I unsure whether there had been an actual rape – all of his actions up to that point indicated his intent and desire. But the programme seems to think it can trade in grey areas by showing the result of the trial – he was acquitted by the jury, and then somehow shocking us by closing with the assault itself (thankfully only the very beginning, enough to clearly establish rape).

I think this film thinks it’s a lot cleverer and ambiguous than it really is. He was always creepy and scummy, and at no point were we ever in any doubt of that fact. So I don’t think the structure chosen to tell the story works, given that we hate him all the time. That he got off is horrible, but sadly not unusual in the least.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th December 1997 – 22:15

There’s a trailer for another Love Bites after this – The Perfect Blue.

Then there’s a trailer for Does China Exist – a Paul Merton parody of paranormal investigation shows.

After this, recording continues with Profit, what looks like a lawyer drama starring Adrian Pasdar.

Adrian Pasdar

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 14th December 1997 – 23:30

There’s a trailer for Modern Times – Toy Stories. And another chance to see the trailer for French movies.

Then there’s the very start of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘difficult second film’ Kafka. I wish the whole thing was here, as I quite wanted to watch it.

Recording stops  after about ten minutes of the film.