Cheers – tape 1325

Here’s some episodes from season 10. In License to Hill Sam plays a poker game, and leaves Rebecca in charge of the bar. She discovers she’s forgotten to renew the bar’s liquor license, so she has to serve alcohol free drinks all evening.

In Rich Man Wood Man, Woody becomes a bit standoffish after a vacation in London with Kelly. And Sam is giving Frasier some training.

In Smotherly Love, Lilith’s overbearing mother arrives, and insists they renew their vows. Meanwhile Sam wins a lot of money for Norm, but is frustrated when Norm still won’t clear his bar tab.

In Take Me Out of the Ball Game, Sam goes back to the Redsox as a relief pitcher, and Frasier loses Lilith’s favourite lab rat.

That was the last episode in that series (on Channel 4 at least – not the season finale) so next week we’re back to repeats of Season Two, with Homicidal Ham. Andy Andy, the ex-con who’s in love with Andy. He tells Diane he wants to be an actor, so she rehearses the strangulation scene of Othello, which Andy then takes a bit too seriously.

Andy Andy

Jumping around the series, back to the first episode of the season, where Sam & Diane have their first kiss, then try to find somewhere to consummate their relationship.

Then there’s Manager Coach, where Coach is asked to manage a little league team, and he turns into a tyrant. Includes a very young Corey Feldman as one of the team.

Corey Feldman

After this, recording continues for a while with the start of Garden Club, but the recording stops during this programme.


  • trail: Guests of the Emperor
  • Puma Disc System
  • Shell
  • Robert Palmer: Addictions vol 2
  • petit Danone
  • trail: Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • trail: Trading Places
  • Ronseal
  • Nationwide
  • HMV – Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • Saab
  • Soul Emotion
  • trail: American Chronicles
  • trail: The Nightmare Years
  • Prudential
  • elnett
  • AA Callsafe
  • Beamish
  • BT
  • Genesis at Knebworth
  • trail: Sound Stuff: Together… Kiri and Andre on Broadway
  • trail: Clive Anderson Talks Back

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