Drop The Dead Donkey – tape 1262

Straight into an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey. In Gulf War Report, Emma Freud is grilling George about the failings of news organizations during the gulf war.

Emma Freud

Henry is raging about the young newscasters – Paxman, Suchet, Snow.

Sally is humiliated by a puppet crocodile on children’s TV.

Sally and the crocs

Dave is attracted to Sir Royston’s daughter. But when George warns him what happened to previous men who went out with her, he backs off, only to get Sir Royston complaining that he’s ignoring her. She’s played by a very young Hermione Norris.

Hermione Norris

The next episode, The Trevorman Cometh, sees the gang worrying about layoffs and pay cuts.

In the next episode, Henry and Dido, Sally has to bring her dog into the office.

Sally and her dog

She feeds it Belgian Chocolate so I’m surprised it’s not dead.

The next episode is Baseball. Trevor Cooper makes a guest appearance.

Trevor Cooper

There’s some enforced sport-based team building.

Enforced Jollity

The next episode is Drunk Minister. Clive Merrison is the eponymous Minister.

Clive Merrison

There’s also a running gag about Damian trying to do a piece to camera in a high street, and he keeps getting interrupted, ending with a great piano gag.

The newsroom is invaded by gay protesters.

The next episode is Alex and the Interpreter. A Russian dignitary visits the newsroom with his interpreter, and falls in love with Alex.

Damian isn’t getting the good stories, being beaten to the punch by Lynn Yeats. The voice of his cameraman is played by writer Andy Hamilton.

The next episode is Hoax. We actually get to meet Lynn Yeats, Damian’s competition (to his left).

Damian vs Lynn Yeats

This episode goes out just after Robert Maxwell killed himself.

Maxwell dies at sea

Recording stops shortly after this episode.


  • British Gas
  • Sky – Pretty Woman
  • Sun Progress
  • Daily Mail
  • trail: The Gravy Train Goes East
  • OKI
  • Castlemaine XXXX
  • That Loving Feeling
  • Cellnet
  • Melitta
  • Vidal Sassoon Pump & Spray
  • Thresher
  • Texaco Road Safety Pack
  • Vespré Silhouettes
  • trail: The Ladykillers
  • trail: Ring My Bell/Dream On/The Word/Clive Anderson Talks Back
  • United Airlines
  • Paul Young – From Time To Time
  • Amstrad Satellite System
  • Vespré Silhouettes
  • Citrus Spring
  • Lloyd’s Bank – Jan Francis
  • Boursin
  • trail: Cheers
  • trail: The Gravy Train Goes East
  • Alta Rica
  • Sun Progress

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