Quantum Leap – tape 1226

First is an episode called Pool Hall Blues in which Sam jumps into the body of a legendary pool player, trying to help his daughter pay off a loan shark.

Pool Hall Player

These episodes don’t have the “Theorizing he could travel…” intros

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 3rd March 1992 – 21:00

In Leaping Without a Net, Sam leaps into the body of an acrobat. And he has a fear of heights. He has to catch his partner when she does the Triple, or she’ll fall and die. No pressure, then.

The Daring Young Man

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 10th March 1992 – 21:00

Next, it’s Maybe Baby. Sam leaps into the body of a man who’s just kidnapped a baby, along with Bunny the stripper. Strangely, this episode doesn’t end with a teaser for the next one.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 17th March 1992 – 21:00

Then, Sea Bride, a weird romantic runaround where Sam has to prevent his ex-wife from marrying a mobster.

Dancing in the Dark

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 24th March 1992 – 21:00

After this, there’s a trailer for The Vanishing Rembrandts. Then there’s a short film, Talking Rembrandt, in which Rolf Harris looks at the painting The Jewish Bride. Then there’s a trailer for Arena: Is A Man I Made Up about Armistead Maupin.

Then there’s the start of 40 Minutes, looking at Radio Luxembourg. Then, after a few minutes, the recording stops and underneath, there’s an episode of The Match. But that recording stops again, and underneath that there’s a James Coburn western in which he’s enjoying the facilities of a brothel. The tape runs out after a few minutes of this movie.


  1. Could the James Coburn western be the absolutely hateful Waterhole Three? If so, be glad you don’t have the whole thing!

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