Star Trek – Voyager – tape 2443

In Star Trek – Voyager we have the episode Alter Ego. Harry Kim interrupts Tuvok’s very important game of Vulcan Ker-Plunk to ask him to help him remove emotions. Kim is in love with a character on the Holodeck.

Vulcan Ker-Plunk

Apart from Next Generation, Voyager has the best Star Trek theme tune, another Jerry Goldsmith composition.

This episode is directed by the doctor himself, Robert Picardo.

Tuvok knows an awful lot about how emotions work for someone who has supressed theirs.

Neelix is arranging a Luau. The character Kim is in love with is a sailboard trainer called Morena. The rest of the crew are looking forward to a Luau – using the ship’s scarce resources to create lots of ugly Hawaiian shirts is obviously a good idea.


As directory of this episode, Picardo isn’t above pulling strings to get a kiss.

Picardo gets a kiss

Tuvok doesn’t approve of the Luau, and Kim’s holodeck friend chats him up, She’s very convincing. It gets a bit close, then Tuvok says “I must return to my quarters.” We all know why.

There’s another story about some nebula, plasma strands, and lots of technobabble. Kim has to do some work in engineering, and manages to mansplain something to B’Elanna because his mind is on his holodeck girlfriend.

Kim goes to the holodeck, and finds Tuvok playing his Kerplunk game with Morena, making Kim rather jealous. They argue, and Tuvok orders the computer to delete Morena’s subroutine. I hope they run source control.

The ship is experiencing strange engineering problems. And when Tuvok returns to his quarters to find Morena there, dressed in a Starfleet uniform.


She can control the computer system, so they surmise that Morena is a sentient construct, similar to Moriarty in the Next Generation holodeck episodes, a fact acknowledged in the dialogue.

Tuvok, B’Elanna and Tom go to the holodeck to find Morena, and they’re set upon by Hawaiian stereotypes. Morena is actually on another ship or space station, controlling the Morena character in order to get to Tuvok. She threatens to destroy the ship by bringing it into the nebula.

Tuvok beams onto the ship, and finds the real Morena.

The real Morena

She’s operating a damping field to prevent the nebula from igniting, and she’s lonely. She’s fallen in love with Tuvok, and wants him to stay, but he talks her out of it.

After this episode, recording switches and we get a fragment of MASH end credits.

Then, another episode of Voyager, Coda. Chakotay and Janeway discuss the previous evening’s talent night, then crash a shuttle onto a planet, and Janeway doesn’t look in good shape.

She's Dead, Chakotay

She recovers, though, and they evacuate the shuttle. It wasn’t lightning that struck the shuttle, they were shot down by Vidiians, a recurring Voyager villain. They’re set upon by Vidiians, and both killed. Then they’re back in the shuttle, discussing Talent Night again.

They both die again, this time attacked by two Vidiian ships. The third time they manage to get back to Voyager, but Chakotay can’t remember the timeloop, only Janeway, and now Janeway has contracted the Vidiian Phage virus.

The Doctor tells her that Euthanasia is the most humane option, and pumps her chamber with neurotoxin, killing her.

And they’re back on the shuttle. Janeway dies again,. but this time she hangs around as some kind of ghost, and is visited by her dead father, who tells her she’s dead. We even have to sit through her memorial service. Daddy is very insistent that she has to go into the light. He’s a manifestation of an alien presence in her brain, and she’s really on the surface of the planet, being treated by the Doctor, Tuvok and Chakotay. I guess that’s a nice SF way to do a Near Death Experience.

Father Janeway

She drives him away. “Go back to Hell, coward.” Hell looks suspiciously like the Eye of Sauron.

Eye of Sauron

The next episode is Unity. Chakotay is on another shuttle, with someone who I thought was called Ensign Captain, but I might have misheard. (It’s Kaplan.) They’re lost. They follow a signal beacon to a planet, crash, and are attacked by some aliens.

The planet seems to have members of virtually every species, and Kaplan is killed. Chakotay meets a friendly human who explains the social set-up – most of them are at each other’s throats, but she’s part of a group trying to live and work together.

Friendly Human

Meanwhile on Voyager, they come across a Borg cube, although it appears to be derelict.

Borg Cube

And Chakotay discovers that his new human friend is actually a Borg-converted human. But they’re nice borg, who have lost their connection to the collective.

To repair Chakotay’s brain trauma, the group have to temporarily link their minds, and we get a montage of scenes from different borg encounters.

When Voyager arrives, the ex-borg ask to be returned to the borg cube, to try to reinitiate their connection to the cube, and create a new collective – one that’s peaceful. But Janeway won’t help them.

But Chakotay still has a connection with them, The ex-borg are under attack on their planet, so Chakotay is guided to the cube to help them. Will they turn out to be bad after all?

The crew try to stop him, but he acctivates the ship, thus reestablishing a connection between all the borg on the planet, including the warring ones. All looks a bit bad, until they self destruct the cube, letting Voyager go.

The next episode is Darkling. The ship is getting information about their immediate location, while Neelix hangs out with Lord Byron and Gandhi.

Byron, Gandhi and Neelix

The Emergency Medical Hologram is investigating these personalities, wanting to incorporate aspects of them into his own personality. But it goes a bit wrong, as he starts acting rather badly – throwing people into pits, burning people, kidnapping Torres and Kes.

But they sort it all out, and I like the ending, where the newly reformed EMH recites the hippocratic oath.

After this episode, recording continues briefly with the start of an episode of Poltergeist – The Legacy.


  • trail: You Cannot Be Serious – comedy films
  • Renault Clio
  • L’Oreal Excellence
  • Dr Pepper
  • Organics
  • Nationwide
  • trail: Beverly Hills 90210/Melrose Place
  • trail: The Practice
  • Sure
  • Nutri-Grain
  • Diet Coke
  • Renault Megane
  • KFC
  • trail: Rugby
  • trail: The Simpsons
  • Dr Pepper
  • Nutri-Grain
  • Renault Clio
  • BT – Nick Berry
  • Somerfield – Lesley Joseph
  • trail: Ace Venture When Nature Calls
  • trail: The Big Easy
  • John Smith’s – Jack Dee
  • Walker’s Snacks
  • Schweppes
  • Toyota Corolla
  • trail: Ibiza Uncovered
  • trail: The Big Easy
  • VW Polo
  • Clover
  • St Ivel Shape
  • Organics
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  • Arm & Hammer
  • Lipovitan
  • trail: Rugby
  • trail: The Practice
  • Ford
  • Wash & Go
  • Magnum
  • Surf
  • Coca Cola
  • trail: Dangerous Minds
  • trail: The Live Six Show (fnarr fnarr)
  • Organics
  • Konica
  • Solero
  • Andrex
  • Lynx – Jennifer Aniston
  • trail: Western Weekend
  • trail: The Pretender
  • trail: The Cape
  • Magnum
  • Persil
  • V-Rally
  • Head & Shoulders
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  • Lynx
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  • Roc
  • trail: The Pretender/The Cape
  • trail: Speed/Real TV UK
  • Fanta
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  • Arm & Hammer
  • Roc
  • Pantene
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  • trail: Johnny Mnemonic
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  • McDonalds
  • Kiss FM
  • WH Smith
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  • Schweppes
  • trail: Hot 100 movies
  • trail: Poltergeist: The Legacy
  • Boston Beer – Elliot Gould
  • Alton Towers
  • Huggies
  • Felix
  • Opal Fruits – I still resent their name change, although I’ve given up my personal boycott of Starburst.
  • trail: Chicago Hope
  • trail: Football – Sean Bean
  • Direct Line
  • Kit e Kat
  • Hooch
  • trail: The Big Easy/Walker Texas Ranger

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