Prime Suspect – Lenny Go Home – tape 1258

First on this tape, a Channel 4 repeat of Prime Suspect. The original and best.

I’d forgotten the circumstances under which she got the big case – her predecessor dropped dead of a heart attack. And of course, when Helen Mirren’s Jane Tennison asks for the case, saying she’s been kept away from high profile cases for eighteen months since she joined, her superior isn’t pleased. “A close friend died right there. And now, Inspector, is not the time to thrust your women’s rights down my throat.”

I know this was 20-odd years ago, but the kneejerk attitude of the men on the squad is truly vile. Tom Bell is the main culprit, stirring up the rest of the squad to poison them against her and agitate for her removal.

Ralph Feinnes turns up as the victim’s boyfriend.

Ralph Feinnes

Longtime LBC listeners might have recognised the voice of the presenter of Crimefile (or whatever their Crimewatch programme was called).

Brian Hayes

The episode ends on a nice cliffhanger, as eyewitness Angela Bruce is looking at the lineup, and might be about to identify the suspect as the man she saw giving a lift to the victim.

Sadly, we don’t have part 2 here, as recording switches to LWT and Lenny Go Home, a comedy show from Lenny Henry. It’s mostly a stand-up show, recorded at Central TV’s Nottingham studios – strange it wasn’t in Birmingham, where Lenny hails from.

After this the recording stops and underneath there’s an older recording. It’s part of a documentary, Out on Sunday – Gay Priests in the Church. The tape stops are about 20 minutes.


  • Cointreau
  • Philishave
  • Golden Grahams
  • Ford – Everything We Do
  • Barbados
  • Harvey’s Bristol Cream
  • BHS
  • Panasonic VHC-C camcorder
  • Babycham
  • Golden Oatmeal Crisp
  • United Airlines
  • REM – Out of Time
  • Hoover
  • Raffaello
  • Le Piat D’Or
  • Comfort
  • British Gas – Bob Hoskins
  • Lemsip
  • Boots
  • Slim-Fast
  • Continental
  • Knorr Microwave Dishes of the World
  • Comfort
  • The Addams Family in cinemas
  • Chatback
  • Old SPice
  • Chip Pan Fires

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