Innocent Blood – tape 1945

Back to normality with this tape, and from Sky Movies, we have John Landis’ Innocent Blood.

Sold as a sexy vampire thriller, it stars Anne Parillaud as the sexy vampire. You can tell she’s a sexy vampire because she’s naked in her first scene, complaining about how hard it is to be a vampire when you don’t think you should just eat anybody.

Anne Parillaud

Robert Loggia co-stars as a very nasty gangster.

Robert Loggia

Anthony LaPaglia is his slightly less nasty right hand man.

Anthony LaPaglia

Parillaud almost decides to snack on him, but “he has sad eyes” So she bites Chazz Palminteri instead, as he’s not nice to her.

Chazz Palminteri

We learn that LaPaglia is actually an undercover cop, working for Angela Bassett to take Loggia down.

Parillaud then goes after Loggia himself, but when he tries to serve her garlic-laden food, she panics, drinks his blood, but doesn’t finish him off because his men intervene. Loggia’s body is taken to the morgue where mortician Frank Oz examines him.

Frank Oz

He doesn’t last long. Loggia is now a vampire, and LaPaglia has to work with Parillaud to stop him.

Along the way, Loggia’s lawyer Don Rickles is bitten by Loggia, turns vampire, then has a nasty case of sunstroke in a hospital.

Don Rickles

I don’t know why this movie fails to engage me. Probably because it’s mostly about gangsters, and I don’t like gangsters. Loggia has a lot of fun as the really bad guy, but Parillaud and LaPaglia are very dull as leads, whose characters give us very little to care about. Plus, for a John Landis film, it’s not very funny.

After this, recording continues with Night and the City, with Robert deNiro and Jessica Lange. deNiro is a lawyer in New York. Talks a lot. I didn’t watch much of this.

The tape then runs out during another potboiler, Fatal Friendship.



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