French And Saunders – tape 1453

Announced as the first new series for three years, this episode of French and Saunders starts with a Misery parody that I’m sure was partly inspired by the success of Absolutely Fabulous. Jennifer plays the author who’s written her new masterpiece, but it’s a sketch show that doesn’t feature her comedy partner – who happens to rescue her when her car crashes.

Misery Parody

Jennifer does Marlene Dietrich.

Jennifer as Marlene

Duane does Bowie

Ken as Bowie

There’s a song from Dickens Daughter.

Shakespears Sister

The two creepy old men are delivering the mail around Broadcasting House (spot the curved corridors).

Creepy old men

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 18th February 1993 – 21:00

The next episode has the pitch-perfect Silence of the Lambs. Ed Bishop plays the Head of Light Entertainment.

Ed Bishops

As Jennifer walks past the cells, there are appearances from Roy Hudd and Christopher Biggins

Roy Hudd and Christopher Biggins

The Krankies. “Fandabidozie”

The Krankies

Bernie Clifton

Bernie Clifton

Dawn plays the Lecter role.

Dawn French as Lecter

Amusingly, given the Misery/Absolutely Fabulous implcations of the last episode, Dawn gets a prop kit so she can be Britain’s first comedy female vicar. At least a year before the Vicar of Dibley.

Not the Vicar of Dibley

In Luckybitches, a parody of Joan and Jackie Collins, Jonathan Ross turns up as an American chat show host.

Jonathan Ross

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 25th February 1993 – 21:00

The next episode parodies Ingmar Bergman. Not quite the same vein of material as Silence of the Lambs. But Simon Brint makes a good Death.

Simon Brint as Death

There’s a parody of Guns ‘n’ Roses November Rain with Jennifer as Axl Rose

Jennifer as Axl Rose

And Dawn plays Slash

Dawn as Slash

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 4th March 1993 – 21:00

In Bed with Madonna is the parody target next.

In Bed With MaDawna

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 11th March 1993 – 21:00

The next episode does Aliens: Special Edition which looks like it must have cost a fortune, including custom models.

Aliens Model

Jennifer makes a good RIpley

Jennifer as Ripley

Kathy Burke is the Vasquez character.

Kathy Burke

Even a facehugger


And a chestburster


BBC Genome: BBC Two – 18th March 1993 – 21:00

The final episode pokes fun at The House of Eliott as The House of Idiot.

The House of Idiot

Raw Sex look at DJs with an unfortunate choice. I wonder if this sketch would be cut from repeats.

Raw Sex look at DJs

In their House of Eliott parody, they come face to face with the real cast.

Face to face

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 25th March 1993 – 21:00

There’s no more on the tape after this.



  1. The shot of the House of Idiot with the same vintage cars going past, then they just drive a Lexus past or something, was absolutely hilarious. They were superb at parody, maybe the best. Their Titanic spoof was one of the greatest ever, they absolutely nailed it.

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