Siskel and Ebert – tape 1361

This tape opens with the end of an interview with former Prime Minister James Callahan, talking about the Queen, on Newsnight.

Then there’s a trailer for Naked Hollywood.

Then, an episode of Siskel and Ebert, the movie review show featuring critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, which was shown for a short time on BBC2.

In it, the pair review:

The reviews rattle through, and it’s nice to get the often differing opinions. In the end credits, it’s such a long time ago, that Roger Ebert is still using a typewriter, although Gene Siskel uses a computer.

And being a US programme, they have a short segment at the end giving the likely UK release dates of the films reviewed.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 27th July 1992 – 23:15

After this, recording switches to a piece of Entertainment Tonight, looking at Death Becomes Her.

Then recording switches again, to Sky Movies, for The Reel Guide to Summer presented by Sabra Williams.

Sabra Williams

It’s basically another excuse to play a load of Electronic Press Kit material for the upcoming movies, and the ones featured are:

The programme covers the Far and Away premiere at the Empire Leicester Square.

Empire Leicester Square

After this,. back to Siskel & Ebert with reviews of:

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 3rd August 1992 – 23:15

After this, we switch to the end of Newsnight with a report on the failures of the London Ambulance Service.

Then, more from Siskel and Evert and their reviews of

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 10th August 1992 – 23:15

After this, recording switches to a programme called Hollywood Reports on Thames. Richard Jobson presents another bunch of EPK material, covering Alien 3, a piece on the Max Factor Museum, under threat of closure, a brief interview with Patrick MacNee, and a profile of Weird Al Yankovic.

Then, over to Sky Movies for a behind the scenes on Pacific Heights, Lethal Weapon 3, another puff piece on Death Becomes Her, and yet another BTS on Alien 3.

Then, after all this frankly numbing film coverage, what better to find is a new series of Film 92, with reviews of

There’s an interview with Tim Robbins about Bob Roberts which, in the current political world, seems hugely prescient.

Tom Brook files a report on the Woody Allen scandal.

There’s also a preview to films opening in the Autumn.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 7th September 1992 – 22:10

In the next episode, Barry reviews

There’s a brief tribute to the late Anthony Perkins.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 14th September 1992 – 22:10

After this, recording continues with a trailer for Point Blank, and an epic trailer for Lynda La Plante’s Civvies, so it’s Hello to Jason Isaacs.

Then there’s the start of an episode of Cagney and Lacey, during which the tape ends.


  • trail: Honey I Blew Up The Kid
  • trail: The Comfort of Strangers
  • trail: Rambo First Blood Part 2



One comment

  1. I always remember Anthony Perkins refused to speak to the press about his impending death from AIDS, but he did release a statement excusing himself that “the problems of one old actor don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world”. I thought that was sad and classy at the same time.

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