Smith And Jones – tape 1343

First on this tape, the first in a new series of Smith and Jones,

Smith and Jones are tired and emotional

It’s always nice to see Geoffrey McGivern, here as a recording engineer, trying to record Mel Smith as an opera singer, which says ‘wank’ after the final note.

Geoffrey McGivern

Geraldine James pops up in a sketch which basically has her and Griff slapping Mel around the face for three minutes.

Geraldine James

This series had Father Ted writers Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews on the writing team.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 22nd October 1992 – 21:35

The next episode starts with a brilliant sketch where Griff just can’t stop saying ‘Sorry’. A great combination of clever writing and brilliant performance.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 29th October 1992 – 21:30

After this episode, there’s a trailer for Ghostwatch (coming soon).

The next episode features some journalists.


Plus Chris Langham hosting ‘Problem Platform’

Chris Langham

BBC Genome: BBC One – 5th November 1992 – 21:30

the next episode sees the return of Inspector Bribeasy and Sgt Porno of the Yard. Some nice effects here.

Inspector Bribeasy and Sgt Porno

There’s the Lovers Guide video with automatic fast forward through the boring bits.


Why can’t the French do Rock and Roll?

Why can't the French do Rock and Roll

Griff Rhys Jones does a very good Antoine de Caunes.

Griff Rhys de Caunes

Nickolas Grace plays Neryall Miller the Serial Killer.

Nearyall Miller the Serial Killer

BBC Genome: BBC One – 19th November 1992 – 21:30

In the next episode, Griff plays a big Tony Slattery fan.

A Tony Slattery Fan

BBC Genome: BBC One – 26th November 1992 – 21:30

I’ve missed a tiny bit from the start of the next episode. Folk Music is very important to Mel.

Mel and Griff

I like the Peter Greenaway wedding video

Peter Greenaway wedding video

BBC Genome: BBC One – 3rd December 1992 – 21:30

After this episode, there’s a trailer for the Christmas Season on BBC1.

Then, there’s the start of an episode of One Foot in the Grave. The tape stops after five minutes of this programme.


  1. I thought the After Dark spoof on this series was hilarious at the time, especially Chris Langham. In an earnest debate about “have you ever broken the law?” he naively informed the guests “I killed someone once”. People Like Us was a fantastic series too. Then he went and ruined it, the idiot.

    1. I’ve been searching for video of Langham saying “I killed someone once” for ages. I often use it during a lull in the conversation. Followed by “still, I didn’t let it go and ruin my holidays”.Genius. But wish I could find it!

  2. I absolutely cried with laughter at the opera wank sketch at the time, I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen. As you mention, it was written by Linehan and Mathews – their first ever telly work, I think – and you can clearly see now that it was a Big Train sketch six years early.

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