Clive Anderson Talks Back – tape 1340

This tape starts with an episode in progress of Clive Anderson Talks Back. The jokes sound eerily familiar. Michael Heseltine’s resignation, the parlous state of Britain’s currency reserves. Whether Britain’s in or out of the ERM.

Clive’s first guest is David Mellor.

David Mellor

Next guest is Kenneth Branagh, there to plug his movie Peter’s Friends.

And Michael Palin

In the next episode, Clive’s guests are Joanna Lumley

Photographer David Bailey.

David Bailey

Love Rat politician Cecil Parkinson

Cecil Parkinson

The next episode is, presumably, in the week of the US presidential election, judging by the topical monologue.

The episode opens with another political guest, Denis Healey.

Denis Healey

Hie next guests are a husband and wife team of sex therapists, Zek and Misha Halu


And his final guest is then England Manager and former Watford manager Graham Taylor.

First guest on the next episode is Jason Donovan.

Jason Donovan

Former Chancellor Nigel Lawson

Nigel Lawson

And Stephen Fry

The next episode sees Clive interview Ned Sherrin

Next it’s royal biographer and socialite Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell

And finally, Harry Enfield

Interesting that he mentions ‘Little Brother’ and how they’d turned him into a teenager, ‘but he was just boring’ – I wonder what changed? Was it them getting Kathy Burke to play Perry?

After this episode, recording stops, and underneath, Katy Puckrick is interviewing Bridget Fonda. It’s The Word, so naturally they choose to show virtually every scene in which Fonda is naked or nearly naked.

Back in the studio with Terry Christian is Marlon Wayans and (I think) Lesley Garrett.

The recording stops during this programme.


  • Lloyd’s Bank – Paul Eddington, Jan Francis
  • Mercedes
  • Economist
  • Boomerang in cinemas
  • Radio Rentals
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • Vauxhall Astra
  • Rabbit phones
  • Dilys
  • Now Dance 92
  • Take That & Party
  • Canada
  • Madonna – Erotica
  • trail: The Big Batallions
  • trail: Equinox – 21st Century Jet
  • Nissan
  • Smiths – The Best Of
  • Fresco Mint
  • The World In Focus
  • Radio Rentals
  • American Express
  • The Best of Dance 92
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Canon
  • Our Price – Shakespears Sister
  • trail: Italian Football
  • trail: American Football
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Premiere Collection Encore
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Canon
  • Blockbuster Video
  • Scottish Amicable
  • Enya – The Celts
  • Babycham
  • Classics for Lovers
  • Super Nintendo – Street Fighter II
  • trail: Diamond Skulls
  • trail: U2 Zoo TV
  • HMV – Rare Groove
  • Huey Lewis and the News


  1. I have met Zek and Misha in later life and i’m still in touch with them now,

    I did not know about their therapy or their publication until i googled them, regarding something unconnected they pointed me to. I asked them about a book they published, that I found out about by mistake and he told me how it lead to this interview.

    They were petrified as they just witnessed the way Clive Anderson interviewed Heally. However, he put their minds at rest by stating something along the lines of, ‘Heally’s a politician he deserves it as he is not nice. But you are nice people, we treat you with the respect you deserve.’

    Would love to see the clip if ever you get chance!…..

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