Film 92 – tape 1344

It always cheers me up to come to a collection of Film XX programmes. I’ve no idea why but it does.

In the first episode, Barry Norman reviews the following films:

  • Rapid Fire – “Can Brandon Lee inherit the mantle of his illustrious but short-lived father?” I question rendered ironic with hindsight, as Lee died tragically the next year
  • Tale of the Vampire

There’s a report on Death Becomes Her looking at the special effects needed to turn Meryl Streep’s head around.

Barry also takes a look at the Sight & Sound survey of the 10 best films ever made. It’s interesting to hear his astonishment at the inclusion of Vertigo in the list, as he doesn’t rate it, given that in more recent surveys, Vertigo has overtaken Citizen Kane to take the top spot. I don’t understand it either.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 16th November 1992 – 22:20

In the next episode, Barry looks at

Tom Brook reports on Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. There’s a competition for a chance to win a holiday in the Plaza Hotel in New York, as seen in Home Alone 2, along with a brief clip which features a cameo appearance by Donald Trump. I mention this only in case something terminal happens to him in the near future.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 23rd November 1992 – 22:10

Before the next episode, there’s the end of The Richard Dimbleby Lecture by the Lord Chief Justice, the Rt Hon the Lord Taylor of Gosforth. The subject is The Judiciary in the Nineties and it sounded fascinating. No, wait, it sounded dull.

There’s a trailer for Omnibus on John Ford.

Next, a Film 92 special, as Barry talks to Meryl Streep about her career and her new film Death Becomes Her.

Meryl Streep

“[Robert Zemeckis] was very much more demanding than I thought he would be.”

There’s a discussion about She Devil, the American version of Life and Loves of a She Devil, and judging by the clip, it was a very different end result than the BBC version.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 30th November 1992 – 22:50

Next, a regular episode, where Barry reviews:

There’s a report on Movie Merchandising. “The script for Batman Returns is virtually non-existent. It’s been put together simply to promote and sell the idea of the character. It rather looks like a multi-million dollar commercial.”

BBC Genome: BBC One – 7th December 1992 – 22:10

Next, Barry takes a look at:

There’s an interview with Rob Reiner about A Few Good men.

BBC Genome: BBC One – 14th December 1992 – 22:10

After this, recording switches to Sky Movies for a preview of Silence of the Lambs with interviews with Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster.

recording continues a bit after this, then stops, and underneath, there’s an old Blakc & White western. It’s got John Wayne in it whatever it is. The recording stops after a few minutes.


  • trail: 1992 Billboard Music Awards
  • trail: Christmas Day Movies
  • trail: Sky News
  • trail: LA Story
  • trail: Robocop 2
  • trail: Sky Movies
  • trail: Blade Runner


  1. I sympathise with Bazza’s opinion of Vertigo, there are a lot better Hitchcock films than that, but it has bulldozed past the others to become the most favoured of his films for reasons I can’t fathom. There’s brilliant stuff in it, but it’s an awkward, unsympathetic film to watch.

    Interesting on that list to note 2001 A Space Odyssey is the most recent film, so I wonder how representative these surveys are when a film has to be seen to have paid its dues before inclusion. I’m not sure about “instant classics” either, but a gap of almost thirty years between their idea of the best films and what was going on in ’92 is not inconsiderable. I wonder if we’ve moved past that? Still, it would be a shame to see some great films forgotten.

  2. Any chance you could upload Barry’s FWWM review? With the new series starting this weekend there’s a lot of renewed interest in the film and Norman was one of the few critics to look favorably on it, while choosing one of the strangest scenes as his lead in.

    I’d really appreciate it as I loved the Film series and I am especially proud that Barry Norman saw value in Lynch’s film when most were trashing it at the time.

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