Interlude: The VHiStory death watch

Regular readers might have noticed the occasional mention of the way the celebrities from 80s and 90s TV have a strange habit of dying close to the time they feature in some way on this blog.

Yesterday, Caroline Ahearne died at the horribly young age of 52. I did a quick search, but the most recent mention of her work on this blog was in April which is, I feel, outside the parameters for any supernatural effect.

Then, this morning I was checking the results of a tape I had digitised overnight. Right at the end, just after an episode of The  Saturday Night Armistice, just before the recording stopped, there were some trailers for upcoming programmes, including this one.


I’m starting to feel like I’m part of a very slow moving VHS-based variation on Final Destination.

See also the time Sue Townsend died on the same day I digitised part of her documentary about death, including a picture of her coffin.



  1. If you want to be coldly analytical about it, you could reason that statistically with all the many, many celebrities you see every day from the past on these tapes then it’s an obvious consequence that some of them will die around the time you view the tapes. It would be more unusual if none of them died at all!

    So I don’t think you’re cursed, you’re just noticing a pattern that may be there, but needs an observer to bring it together, otherwise it’s as random as any amount of death in the world.

    1. You’re absolutely right, and I’m not superstitious enough to honestly believe there’s anything happening here, but even being a rationalist, I can’t help feeling unnerved every time there’s a hit.

      But the truth is, given some of these tapes go back 30 years, the people who used to be regularly on TV are now at an age where people die. So I shouldn’t be surprised. But it definitely hurts when it’s someone as young as Caroline Ahearne.

      1. Caroline Ahearne had a history of serious health problems, though, so it’s really sad but maybe not that unexpected. Just one of those things.

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