Day: June 22, 2016

Aileen Wuornos – The Selling of a Serial Killer – Cheers – Have I Got News For You – tape 1469

First on this tape, a film by Nick Broomfield, Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer. This is the documentary whose subject was eventually dramatised as Monster with Charlize Theron.

As is typical with his films, Broomfield often appears on camera, and narrates it.

Nick Broomfield

It’s a bizarre story. Wuornos killed eight men, but as we join the story, Wuornos, a 35 year old woman, has been adopted by another woman, Arlene, and is being defended by a lawyer who seems more interested in how much money the story of the case can make, and in playing his music for Broomfield’s camera.

Public Defender


It’s only at the end of the film that Broomfield finally gets to meet Wuornos, then on death row. The conversation mostly revolves around Arlene and her attorney Steve. “I think they’re the money hungry people.”

There’s an interesting part of the conversation where Broomfield has to do a voiceover to remove part of the conversation about the US TV movie that had been made about the case – she believed that the police had illegally profited from the movie. And the film ends with footage of the announcement of dismissals of police officers involved in the case.

After this, recording continues for a while, with the start of Elvis ’56.

Then, recording switches to the end of a Sophie Grigson food programme, Grow Your Greens.

Then there’s an episode of Cheers. In Is There a Doctor in the Howe? Frasier learns that his marriage to Lilith is over, and to cheer him up, Rebecca throws a divorce party for him to cheer him up. But when she drives him home, they feel the tug of mutual attraction. But before they can get on with it, Sam and the gang appear to cheer up Frasier with 6 hours of 3 Stooges videos.

When they finally leave, and Frasier and Rebecca settle down, in walks Lilith, back suddenly from her year long seclusion in the ecodome.

To Be Continued

After this, recording continues with the start of an episode of Roseanne. Then it switches to David Vine and some snooker, the World Championship.

there’s a trailer for Arena: Tales of Rock and Roll about the real-life Peggy Sue.

Then, an episode of Have I Got News For You, first in a new series, featuring guests Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

And Peter Cook.

Peter Cook

“Education Secretary John Patten recently sent a letter to Lord Griffin in which he misspelled the words ‘advice’ and ‘sincerely’.” Why does that ring a bell?

Other stories covered include The very strange world of Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith – news that Smith’s mother was to marry Wyman’s son. For some reason that seems odd and creepy, until we remember that if the two weddings had taken place in the opposite order, Wyman would be marrying his step-granddaughter. Ugh. Rock and Roll.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 17th April 1993 – 20:25

Another episode follows, with guests Chris Evans

Chris Evans

and Fiona Armstrong

Fiona Armstrong

There’s what seems like a very prescient reference to Jommy Savile in a discussion about frightening toys in cereal packets.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 23rd April 1993 – 22:00

One more episode follows, with Frank Skinner

Frank Skinner

And Richard Littlejohn.

Richard Littlejohn

One of the stories covered was Princess Diana speaking publicly about anorexia and bulimia for the first time, and Littlejohn makes a crass joke about it. Stay classy. At least the scripted comments by Deayton only make fun of her alleged infidelities.

BBC Genome: BBC Two – 30th April 1993 – 22:00


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