Day: June 19, 2016

Ellen – Clive Anderson Talks Back – tape 1572

Over to Channel 4 for our next tape, and Ellen. Did I point out, last time we looked at this, that the titles include a group of people outside with a standard lamp. A few years before Friends I think.

Ellen Titles

The first episode here is The Anchor. I’d forgotten that one of the regulars is Maggie Wheeler, later to play Janice in Friends.

Maggie Wheeler and Arye Gross

And it introduces Ellen’s friend Audrey, who’s really annoying. And because Ellen has just got call waiting, she manages to offend her.

The next episode is A Kiss is Still A Kiss. The gang all decide to answer personal ads. Ellen’s candidate is almost perfect except his weird kissing, and Adam finds out that honesty is really attractive to women.

Before the next episode, the end of Brookside.

Then, The Class Reunion. Ellen pretends to be a cardiologist to impress all the high achievers.

After this episode, there’s the start on an episode of Alexei Sayle’s Paris, a sitcom written by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan. Sadly, there’s only as couple of minutes of it here before the recording switches.

But at least we get Clive Anderson Talks Back. Lots of jokes about the new National Lottery.

The first guest is Richard Wilson.

Richard Wilson

Political writer Matthew Parris

Matthew Parris

And football legend Brian Clough, who greets Clive with a playful punch to the midriff as he enters.

Brian Clough

In what’s meant to be a light-hearted interview, Clive touches on his recent autobiography, where he talked about the Hillsborough tragedy, and blamed it squarely on the Liverpool fans. Sadly, Clive Anderson doesn’t push back on this much, as that was the received dogma at the time, and only this year was the full truth of the tragedy, caused by catastrophic blunders in policing the match, been officially acknowledged.

After this, it’s back to Ellen and an episode called The Promotion. Ellen gives a gift to her boss – at this point in the show, Ellen just works at the bookshop, rather than owns it. While at her house, she makes some rude remarks which are almost overheard by her boss.

Before the next episode, there’s a snatch of the end of Brookside.

Then, more Ellen and The Hand That Robs the Cradle. I’m slightly worried by this episode. As I write, Meat Loaf has collapsed while on stage, and he’s in hospital recovering. This episode gives him a namecheck. And a couple of days ago, one of the tapes I recorded featured a Classic Albums episode on Bat Out of Hell. Given this blog’s track record of cutting a dark swathe through performers of the 70s and 80s, I’m really hoping he pulls through.

Anyway, in this episode, Ellen auditions for the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Ellen's technicolor dreamcoat

After this episode, recording continues with the start of  an episode of Cheers. The tape runs out after five minutes.


  • Our Price – The Best of Sade
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  • Bulgarian Wine
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  • Timotei
  • trail: Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

  • TSB
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  • Donna Summer Greatest Hits
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  • Vanish
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  • Somerfield – Rod Hull and Emu
  • Last Night of the Proms – CD and Video
  • Roy Chubby Brown/Jethro
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  • Lyons Original – a real life blipvert

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  • OS/2 Warp – IBM dazzling users with the idea of multi-tasking without ever once showing a screenshot

  • Persil Liquid – Penn & Teller

  • trail: Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush
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  • Sainsbury’s
  • Braun Multimix
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